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IVF for Cattle

Animal farming may deceive you into thinking that it's a super old and super traditional trade, and, well, that may still be the case in certain smaller European countries where local farming is a lot more prominent and less so with industrial farming. But in places like the US Canada and Iran, industrial farming is king.

Now, industrial farming versus local farming comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps the biggest disadvantage when it comes to industrial farming is that, well, you are taking the animals away from their natural habitat and you may or may not be providing them with a comfortable living environment that at least semi replicates the environment that it originally was in.

That may or may not happen. But going back to the differences, it's more of a matter of feasibility than a matter of advantages and disadvantages. In smaller European countries where they have good climate, low population, and also good fields for the cattle to graze.

They prefer, perhaps, local animal farming because the supply can meet the demand in those areas. But in places like the US. Canada and Iran, industrial farming seems to be the way to go because, well, at least in Iran, in a lot of regions, animal farming, or at least local animal farming, is not really a possibility because of the climate, lack of water, et cetera, et cetera. So industrial farming seems to be the way to go.

And so what we're going to do today is first take a little look at the process of animal farming from start to finish, and also delve deep into one of the problems in this process that a knowledge based company is attempting to fix.

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