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Iranian victims of MKO terrorism confront United Nations

Robert Carter 
Press TV

The United Nations headquarters in Geneva once again played host to the annual Human Rights Council’s session on Monday, where the UN’s so-called special rapporteur to Iran released a report on women’s rights situation inside the Islamic Republic.

Predictably, his views sparked major dispute with Iran’s delegation over accusation of mistreatment of women in recent months following Western-backed anti-Iran riots.

As the envoys battled it out, two Iranian onlookers had a very real story of abuse which had been largely ignored until now.

Manijeh Safiyari and Elham Jalizavi, two Iranian nationals who suffered horrifically following terrorist attacks on Iranian soil.

The culprits, notorious anti-Iran terrorist group, the MKO. An obscure cult organization which currently receives significant Western support and even maintains a presence at the UN itself, via NGOs.

Safiyari, was left wheelchair-bound at 17, after an MKO bomb attack targeting a market in 1985. Jalizavi was just 15 when her father was killed in the home in Ahvaz, by an MKO mortar attack in 1991.

These are just two examples of the countless Iranian victims of MKO aggression. With the help of a sympathetic non-governmental organization, the Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism, their calls for justice have now reached the heart of the UN.

Despite past recognition of the MKO as terrorist organization in the Western world, the US and its allies have performed a U-turn. Now promoting them as “legitimate opposition” to the Islamic Republic, despite their many crimes against Iranian civilians.

The relationship between Iran and the UN have gone through strained times. With the UN seemingly happy to continue providing a platform to anti-Iran terrorist organizations such as this. And as long as they do, ordinary Iranians will find it increasingly more difficult to ever trust this international institution. 

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