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"Israel facing civil war"

The Israeli president has expressed great concern about the future of the regime, saying Israel is in the depths of a real crisis. Isaac Herzog made the remark as the occupying regime is facing a major political crisis over controversial judicial reforms pushed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Herzog also warned of a civil war in Israel, claiming that it was his red line and that he won’t let it happen. He also unveiled a plan, proposing alternative changes to the judiciary to replace Netanyahu unpopular plan. However, the Israeli cabinet's secretary confirmed the extremist coalition has turned down the president’s proposal. The drive by Netanyahu’s far-right cabinet to go ahead with the reforms has evoked regular weekly protests in Israel, attended by hundreds of thousands of protesters. If the initial proposal is passed, it will mean greater cabinet sway over selecting judges and limit the power of the Supreme Court to strike down legislations.

US drone crash fallout

Moscow has blamed increased intelligence gathering against Russia as the main cause of a recent US drone crash over the Black Sea. Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu made the remark in a phone call with the Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin. Shoigu said drone flights near the Crimea Peninsula are provocative and could lead to escalation of the situation in the Black Sea zone. The Russian official also warned that his country will react proportionately to any future provocations. Since the incident happened, the US has been accusing Russian fighter jets of downing its surveillance drone over the Black Sea. Russia rejects the accusation, saying the drone crashed due to sharp maneuvering. Austin retorted to Shoigu’s remarks by saying that US aircraft will fly wherever international law allows, warning Russia to operate with caution.

France protests

Millions of French protesters have taken to the streets in the capital Paris, urging lawmakers not to back President Emmanuel Macron’s pension reforms bill. Riot police maintained a heavy presence throughout the protest, moving to control unruly protesters. Since the introduction of the unpopular bill several months ago, France has been mired in protests and strikes. Industrial actions have caused disruptions to the country’s transport and energy sectors. Protesters demand the government scrap the bill that proposes a rise in the retirement age from 62 to 64. President Macron, however, has been pressing ahead with his plan, arguing that the change is necessary due to the country’s deficits forecast. The senate has already approved the first reading of the bill. There will be a parliamentary vote on the legislation on Thursday.

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