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England strike 

Thousands of junior doctors in England are walking off their jobs on the third day of a strike over a pay dispute. As many as 61,000 junior doctors in the government-funded National Health Service have joined the industrial action. The walkout has severely disrupted hospital operations across the country. The NHS has warned that the strike could affect the treatment of patients suffering from chronic diseases. The doctors started the 72-hour strike on Monday over low pay and poor working conditions. They are asking for a 35% pay rise in line with soaring inflation. They argue their pay has been cut by 26% in the last 14 years. 

US drone crash 

Russia has urged the US to stop what it calls hostile flights near its borders after a drone incident over the Black Sea. Comments by the Russian envoy came after an American drone crashed near the Russian border. The Russian defense ministry earlier said it scrambled fighter jets following the detection of the UAV, but denied causing it to crash. It said the drone crashed due to its sharp maneuvering, a claim the US has rejected. The Pentagon says the MQ9 surveillance drone was struck by a Russian fighter jet. Washington says the unmanned aircraft was conducting routine operations in international airspace. It was the first direct encounter between the two powers since the beginning of a war in Ukraine in February last year.

Khan to appear in court

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has finally agreed to appear in a lower court that had issued an arrest warrant against him for ignoring summons. In a video message, Khan said he would give a surety bond to the court in the capital Islamabad on March 18th. He said, authorities have no reason to arrest him anymore. The former premier cited security reasons for not appearing in the court that had been targeted by militants before. Meanwhile, riot police clashed with Khan’s supporters who had gathered outside his house to prevent officers from arresting him. Last year, a no-confidence motion in parliament resulted in Khan’s ouster as prime minister. The chief of the Tehreek-e-Insaf party is accused of unlawfully selling state gifts while in office. Khan denies any wrongdoing and says the arrest warrant was politically motivated.

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