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‘Intellectually bankrupt’ US politicians make nuclear war realistic possibility: Geoff Young

Kentucky Democratic gubernatorial candidate Geoff Young addresses the audience at the Kentucky Gubernatorial Forum, Friday, Jan. 23, 2015, in Louisville, Ky. (AP photo)

An American Democratic politician says “intellectually bankrupt” politicians of the United States have made a nuclear war with Russia a realistic possibility.

Kentucky Democratic gubernatorial candidate Geoff Young told RT on Saturday that the electorate he has spoken to in his state are “sick of” seeing their tax dollars go to Ukraine.

However, American politicians, he said, are “separated from reality.”

“I think most of them are severely deluded about reality by decades of anti-Russian propaganda in our mainstream media,” he noted.

He said that “at this moment when humanity is threatened by a possible nuclear war.”

Young claimed that the Biden administration’s overarching goal has been to “strengthen Washington’s hold over our European so-called allies.”

“The Nord Stream bombing was a part of that strategy, designed to make Germany, the largest economy in Europe, totally dependent on the US,” he explained.

“For decades, Washington’s biggest nightmare has been that Germany and Russia would ally, have their economies complement each other… and make the United States irrelevant,” he stated.

A war of words has been taking place between the US and Russia over the destruction of Nord Stream pipelines in September last year.

The Russian embassy to the United States said last month the United States should try to prove it was not behind the destruction of the Nord Stream gas pipelines that connected Russia to Western Europe.

The embassy said in a statement Moscow considers the destruction of Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines "an act of international terrorism" and will not allow it to be swept under the rug.

Russia is asking the United Nations Security Council to order an independent inquiry into the September attacks on the Nord Stream gas pipelines.

Russia gave the 15-member council a draft resolution on Friday which would ask UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to establish an international investigation into the "sabotage" and identify who was to blame.

The US and NATO had called the September incident an act of sabotage. Moscow has blamed the West but neither side has provided evidence.

However, American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh said last month that US Navy divers had destroyed the pipelines with explosives. He said that President Joe Biden personally issued the orders.

A leading group of atomic scientists in the United States has said recently humanity stands at its most perilous time on record, with the so-called Doomsday Clock advancing to within just 90 seconds of midnight due to Russia’s conflict with Ukraine.

Russia began its “special military operation” in Ukraine on February 24, 2022 with a declared aim of “demilitarizing” Donbas, which is made up of the Donetsk and Luhansk self-proclaimed republics.

The Kremlin believes the Ukraine conflict to be a proxy war waged against it by the United States and its allies.

Former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev has said that those who want to see Moscow defeated in Ukraine, ignore the fact that “a loss by a nuclear power in a conventional war may trigger the start of a nuclear war.”

Medvedev, who now serves as deputy chairman of President Vladimir Putin's Security Council, said, "Nuclear powers have never lost major conflicts on which their fate depends."

Russia and the United States, the largest nuclear powers, hold around 90% of the world's nuclear warheads.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that nuclear tensions had risen because of the war in Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden has warned Putin against thoughts of using nuclear weapons in Ukraine, adding that it would “change the face of war unlike anything since WWII.”

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