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China proposes peace plan for Ukraine; Western countries reject it

China proposed peace plan for Ukraine. (Composite image BY CENTRAL OREGON DAILY NEWS)

A year has passed since the outbreak of war in Ukraine and the prospects for an end to the war remain bleak.

Rather than supporting dialogue and a peaceful resolution to the conflict, the West, particularly the United States of America, has fanned the flames of war by sending billions of dollars in arms to Ukraine.

This trend has further escalated the conflict.

Last week, Beijing called for a comprehensive ceasefire as it released a peace plan to end the war in Ukraine.

The proposition, which covers 12 aspects, adheres to the principle of respecting the sovereignty of both countries and calls for the resumption of peace talks, and promotes long-term post-conflict reconstruction.

Beijing also demanded the removal of unilateral sanctions on Russia and criticized NATO expansion, saying the US and NATO are fanning the flames and adding fuel to the fire and that they are culpable as progenitors of the crisis.

China also made clear its opposition to, not only the use of nuclear weapons, but also the threat of deploying them, stressing that nuclear weapons must not be used, and nuclear wars must not be fought.

In addition, China called for efforts to set up humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of civilians from conflict zones, to protect civilians and prisoners of war, and to facilitate grain exports.

China has sought to position itself as a neutral party in the conflict and play the role of a mediator.

Meanwhile, Russia said it has paid a lot of attention to the plan by China but the conditions for a peaceful resolution of the conflict were not in place.

For now we don't see any of the conditions that are needed to bring this whole story towards peace.

The Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov

Moscow has said that any settlement of the conflict needed to recognize Russia's control over the four Ukrainian regions annexed last year. It also wants Ukraine to renounce its bid to join NATO.

The Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, said his country needed to work with China since it seems that there is a respect for Ukraine's territorial integrity and security issues in the Chinese perspective.

However, Kyiv said that it will not agree to any peace without the return of all its territory.

The publication of the proposal follows accusations from the West that China is considering arming Russia, a claim Beijing has dismissed as false information

Ukraine's head of military intelligence, Kyrylo Budanov, has brushed aside claims that China is considering sending arms to Russia.

Kyrylo Budanov told US media that he saw no signs that such things are even being discussed.

The comments came after senior US officials said that they were confident China was considering providing lethal equipment to Moscow.

Earlier this month, US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, aired Washington's concerns regarding potential arms shipments in a tense meeting with his Chinese counterpart.

Elsewhere, the director of the CIA, William Burns, said in an interview on Sunday that he "believed" Beijing was still weighing the possibility.

Asked specifically about the US assessment, Budanov said: "I am the head of intelligence and I rely, with all due respect, not on the opinions of individual people, but only on facts. I do not see such facts".

China says it has kept contact with all sides in the crisis, including Kyiv, and that its position was clear. The core is to call for peace and promote dialogue and a political solution to the crisis.

China has warned that the war in Ukraine is getting out of control. Beijing has urged certain countries to stop adding fuel to the fire saying it is deeply concerned about the situation.

Beijing rejected the US and NATO claims as false and said it is the US that is endlessly sending arms to Ukraine, not China.

The US and NATO have been warning China against sending weapons to Russia while they themselves have been providing Ukraine with billions of dollars in arms and military aid since the war began one year ago.

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