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UN's humanitarian appeal for Yemen

Ahead of a UN-led donor conference on Yemen in Geneva, the world body has called for 4.3 billion dollars in aid to the war-torn country in 2023. The UN says aid agencies require the money to help over 17 million Yemenis. The organization says the country is at the forefront of the climate crisis with severe drought and flooding threatening lives. Meanwhile, UN chief Antonio Guterres said the international community has the power and the means to end the crisis in Yemen. Millions of Yemenis have been on the brink of famine and medical crises due to a Saudi-led blockade since 2015. The UN estimates that two-thirds of Yemen's population will require humanitarian aid and protection services in 2023.

Nuclear catastrophe warning

Russia’s former president Dmitry Medvedev warns that the continued flow of weapons to Ukraine could spell a global nuclear catastrophe. Medvedev, who is the deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, said supplying Kiev with more arms would diminish the prospect of resolving the Ukraine conflict through dialogue. He said Moscow’s enemies dismiss the fact that their goals would definitely result in what he called an apocalypse. Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a similar warning about the threats of a nuclear disaster. Putin compared the ongoing war with Ukraine to an existential battle for the survival of Russia. Moscow has repeatedly sounded the alarm that Western military support for Ukraine will only prolong the war with Ukraine.

Time for diplomacy in Ukraine

Iran says it supports China’s plan to end the war in Ukraine, calling for genuine diplomacy to resolve the conflict. Iran’s foreign ministry says the proposal put forth by Beijing can pave the way for a mutually agreed framework to settle the conflict. It also denounced the West’s unilateral measures, saying it’s time to put an end to actions that only fuel the flames of war. The ministry also rejected what it called the Cold War era’s hegemonic mentality and blamed the US-led NATO for being behind many global crises, including the Ukraine war. Tehran has also expressed its readiness to contribute to a peaceful settlement of the conflict. On Friday, China called for a ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine in a 12-point position paper it released on the political settlement of the crisis.

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