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Geopolitical Situation in West Asia

The world is experiencing fundamental changes in the global power constellation and as the geostrategically most important region in the world, West Asia is in the middle of these historic transformations.

Like other regions in the world, it is experiencing major economic problems related to inflation and the combined after effects of the global Covid pandemic, US mismanagement of the global economy and more than 20 years of a devastating global war by the US in the name of the so-called "War On  Terror".

The world is only now coming to understand the profound significance of the historic defeat that the US and its allies experienced in West Asia in the early 21st century- in Iraq, in Syria and in Afghanistan - which some have suggested was a third world war by historic standards and which effectively ended any claims the US to global hegemony and began a reordering of global affairs by the victors.

And who were the winners of this 3rd world war? The Islamic Republic of Iran, with its allies in the various resistance movements of the region, joined later by a resurgent Russia and a rising China who are all now in the process of creating a new global order with its own institutions independent of the west for the first time in centuries.

This is turning out to be a big test for many local elites in West Asia who have staked their continued worldly power and existence on US and western backing and we are already witnessing their desperate efforts to quickly reorient themselves towards these new powers in order to save their illegitimate tribal and military dictatorships.

What is clear to most observers is that West Asia will be very different at the end of the year 2023 than it is at the beginning of this year.

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