Ex-US senator: Washington started the wars in Iraq, Ukraine

A general view of the White House in Washington, DC, July 21, 2022. (File photo by Reuters)

The United States is to blame for constantly meddling in the internal affairs of independent countries and starting both the wars in Iraq and Ukraine, a former US state senator says.

In an interview with RT published on Friday, ex-state Senator from Virginia, Richard Black said that the US overthrew the governments of both of these countries to turn them into puppets, stressing that Washington is the “source of both” Iraq and Ukraine conflicts.

Black also pointed out that while most Americans do not want to be involved in the conflicts, the US “foreign policy establishment” pursues its own separate agenda.

Black insisted that the US “overthrew Iraq with military force, coming in from across the globe,” and has “gone in and overthrown Ukraine with military force from the other side of the globe.”


The Ukraine conflict broke out when the CIA “staged a violent, bloody coup” in Kiev in 2014 and helped remove the legitimately elected president, Viktor Yanukovich, from power, the former state senator said.

Washington replaced Yanukovich with a “revolutionary junta” and began flooding Kiev with “advanced weapons” with the aim of building up a “very formidable” military force, Black added.

Ukraine's current president is nothing more than a “puppet” of Washington, who “does what he is told, when he is told,” Black clarified.

Black said that the White House views post-Saddam Iraq, which the US occupied in 2003, as a “colonial state.”

He claimed that in his viewpoint the “occupation of Iraq will continue indefinitely,” and that America’s endgame is to wield influence over the entire Middle East from its “hardened command and control center” in Baghdad’s Green Zone.

According to the former senator, while most of the American population does not agree with the US interventionist foreign policies, a group of so-called Washington elites, as well as “oligarchs” and the weapons-manufacturing military-industrial complex, pursue their own interests, irrespective of others.

Black further stated the conflict in Ukraine could be resolved if the country becomes “neutral” and “demilitarized,” similar to Austria during the Cold War.

The ex-state senator emphasized that Russia’s security concerns were justifiable and without a doubt needed to be taken into consideration by its neighboring countries.

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