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Joe Biden allegedly directed attacks on the Nord stream pipelines

Nord Stream Sabotaged by US. (Composite: Press TV)

In September 2022, a number of blasts occurred in the Nord Stream one and Nord Stream two natural gas pipelines. Following the attacks, there were gas leaks around the pipelines, which were built to transport natural gas from Russia to Germany through the Baltic Sea.

Both pipelines are majority owned by the Russian majority state owned gas company Gazprom. At the time there was much speculation about who may have been behind the sabotage, but now leading US journalist has blamed the blast on Washington.

In a detailed report published in his blog, investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has claimed that the bombing of the Nord Stream underwater gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea was ordered by the White House and carried out by the CIA with the help of the US Navy.

Hersh says the findings are based on his own investigation into the September sabotage.

He says US Navy deep sea divers planted the high powered C4 explosives on the gas pipelines under the guise of NATO naval exercises.

The bombs were detonated on September 26 using a remote signal sent by a sonabuoy which was dropped near the Nord Stream pipelines from a Norwegian Navy P8 surveillance plane.

The planning process began in December 2021 when a special task force was created in joint participation with US National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan.

The White House dismissed the report but Russian officials say the published facts should become the basis for an international investigation.

The Russian foreign ministry says the United States has questions to answer over its alleged role in the explosions.

We’ve arrived at the understanding that the United States of America made a strike against their allies.

Germany, France and the Netherlands have suffered. It is their allies, satellites. They didn’t spare even them.

The United Nations should assess the actions of the US leadership.

Let’s insist on this.

Vyacheslav Volodin, State Duma Speaker

Earlier this month Germany's Public Prosecutor General, Peter Frank, said that Berlin has no evidence linking Russia to the sabotage of the Nord Stream one and two gas pipelines.

According to Hersh the Biden administration was focused on the Nord Stream pipelines because “as long as European countries like Germany remained dependent on those pipelines for cheap natural gas, they would be reluctant to give military aid to Ukraine for a war with Russia”, which was looming at the time.

The US was a major opponent of the Nord Stream pipelines. In 2019 former US President, Donald Trump, said that Nord Stream 2 would turn Europe into a hostage of Russia and consequently placed sanctions on any company assisting Russia to complete the pipeline, and then, In December 2020, President Elect Joe Biden, as he was at the time, expressed his opposition to the opening of the new pipeline

If Russia invades, that means tanks or troops crossing the border of Ukraine, again, then there will be we there will be no longer a Nordstream 2 we will bring an end to it.

US President, Joe Biden

But how will you how will you do that, exactly, since the project and control of the project is within Germany's control?


We will, ... I promise you we will be able to do that.

US President, Joe Biden

Swedish and Danish investigators have already found that the ruptures were the result of sabotage, but have not specified who was responsible.

The attacks occurred in the exclusive economic zones of the two European countries. The 1200 Kilometer pipelines, operated by Russian gas giant Gazprom, are currently out of commission.

Since the blast occurred Moscow has blamed the West for the damage to its infrastructure.

According to reports, the decision to undermine the Nord Stream one and two was agreed upon, and approved personally, by the US President Joe Biden, revealing that he been discussing the issue with his inner circle for more than nine months.

Senator Cruz, like you, I am, and I think the administration is very gratified to know that Nord Stream two is now, as you like to say, a hunk of metal at the bottom of the sea.

Victoria Nuland Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs

The Russian government described the sabotage as a terrorist attack, and said that the US was the nation that benefited most from it by speeding up Europe's attempts to wean itself off Russian gas.

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