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Iranians in Tehran mark 44th anniversary of Islamic Revolution in great show of solidarity

Mahdi Abbasian
Press TV, Tehran 

Independence, Freedom, Islamic Republic! This is one of the mostly heard slogans during the rallies marking the 44th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution. This slogan has been the main demand of the Iranians since the victory of the revolution that toppled the Pahlavi regime and ended the Western domination and exploitation of Iran more than forty years ago. 

Now, 44 years after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Iran is an independent nation moving toward progress and development.

However, hegemonic world powers who were kicked out of Iran have always been against a strong and independent country. Over the years, Iran’s enemies, particularly the US, have tried every tactic to undermine Iran’s security and stability. They have pursued a regime change policy by slapping inhumane sanctions and supporting riots.

Massive participation of Iranians in Bahman 22 annual rallies is a powerful reminder of how people stood against foreign powers and their pawns who sought to destroy the country’s sovereignty and independence and make it subservient to the West.

The presence of Iranians in rallies marking the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution this year has been more significant than the previous years, particularly following a period of foreign-backed riots and increasing Western political pressure on Iran.

The mass rallies, marking the victory of the Islamic Revolution, are held every year with tremendous patriotic fervor across Iran. These rallies are also a show of solidarity and send a strong message to the enemies of the Islamic Republic.

Over the past 44 years, the Iranian nation has remained resilient and united in the face of the enemies' sinister plots. The country has even made advancements in many fields including science and technology despite all the conspiracies.

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