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US, NATO must stop military interventions in Africa: Journalist

A joint terminal attack controller looks on as combat engineers demonstrate the use of various shape charges to members of the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces on March 28, 2019, during exercise African Lion.

The United States and its NATO allies must stop military interventions that are taking place across the African continent, according to An African American journalist and political analyst.

Abayomi Azikiwe made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Tuesday after African American Congresswoman Ilhan Omar announced to launch of the US-Africa Policy Working Group to strengthen ties between the US and Africa.

Omar said that the group will hold briefings with Biden administration officials, journalists and people affecting the relations between Africa and the United States.

She said that the group will focus mainly on conflicts within Africa and its global interests, as her House Foreign Affairs Committee assignment remains unclear.

Omar said that “the United States has treated Africa as a threat that needed to be contained, a series of fires that needed to be put out, or a junior partner that needed to be disciplined.”

Azikiwe  said, “The only problem with such an initiative is that such a group must articulate a clear position against the military interventions that are taking place across the continent by the US Africa Command (AFRICOM)) and its NATO allies.”

“The presence of French, European Union, US and other military forces have only worsened the security crisis within the African Union (AU) member-states. A more than $1 trillion military budget in the US impacts not only the African American, oppressed and working people inside this country, it provides the political basis for the arrogant foreign policy initiatives exemplified in the recent visits by Secretary of State Yellen and UN Ambassador Greenfield to Africa,” he added.

“Successive Democratic Party leadership groupings including African Americans have themselves neglected the actual condition prevailing on the African continent,” he added.

“Several Black Congresspersons have traveled with Nancy Pelosi to Eastern Europe and the Far East in efforts to create further hostilities on a global scale. Any genuine representation of the interests of African Americans and other people of color would be to demand the abolition of the Pentagon budget and the withdrawal of US troops across the globe,” he noted.

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