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Taliban ban registration of women in Afghanistan’s 2023 university entrance exam

Abdullah Amirzada
Press TV, Kabul

The Taliban government has issued a new decree which bans universities from enrolling women in the 2023 entrance exam.

This follows an earlier decree that banned women from education at all. Meantime, Iran has expressed its full readiness to provide support for the education of women in Afghanistan.

In a new decree by the Ministry of Higher Education, the Taliban government ordered universities and private institutions in Afghanistan not to enroll women in the entrance exam of 2023. While this decree strengthens a December decree that totally banned women from education, women feel frustrated about their future educations.

While the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, with 57 members of Muslim countries, has called the new decree DISAPPOINTING, Iran's Minister of Foreign Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, in a press conference, expressed his country’s readiness to provide any kind of support to Afghanistan in order to restore women’s education in the country. Iranian universities had already announced their readiness to hold online classes for the women of Afghanistan. The women in Afghanistan say such cooperation could be useful.

Meantime, Afghan women say the international community has turned a blind eye to their problems.

Education ban in Afghanistan started 500 days ago on girls in 7th to 12th grade, then a ban on universities two months ago, and following that, women were banned from working for foreign NGOs and Organizations that caused many of these NGOs to stop their mission in Afghanistan. Now a ban on entrance exam and the question: is there going to be more of such restrictions?

In both decrees on women’s education ban, a line draws attention saying, "until further notice". But nobody really knows if and when this ban will end.

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