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UN root-cause of all evil in Yemen

Yousef Mawry
Press TV, Sana'a

Yemenis are growing frustrated with the United Nations' failure to condemn the Saudi-led war on Yemen or to hold them responsible for the ensued disastrous ramifications.

This comes just days after the UN Special Envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg, addressed the United Nations Security Council about the situation in Yemen.

While calling for an end to violence, Grundberg declined to condemn the ongoing Saudi artillery shelling that has killed or injured dozens of civilians in the northern province of Sa'ada.

Grundberg also called for humanitarian aid to Yemen, but mentioned nothing about lifting the Saudi blockade which is the main obstacle preventing vital aid and food supplies from entering the country.

This military general we spoke with on the streets of the capital Sana'a says the United Nations is the root cause of all evil in Yemen.

Some Yemenis are calling on their government to abandon all political talks with the UN. They accuse the UN of complicity with the Saudi-led coalition in the killing of Yemenis.

The Yemeni government has stated that if the blockade is not lifted and salaries are not paid, the only option left is war.

The Yemeni people and government have expressed that the eight-year Saudi-imposed siege on Yemen must be lifted by any means necessary. The demand comes after years of failed political efforts to resolve the conflict peacefully by the United Nations, an entity which most Yemenis have lost their confidence in and have accused of supporting the Saudis’ military aggression on Yemen.

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