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List of honors: British foreign secretary takes pride in sanctioning, warmongering in 2022

British MP James Cleverly poses for a picture outside No.10 (File Photo)

UK foreign secretary has proudly flaunted the figures of the government’s so-called achievements of sanctioning officials and freezing assets of other countries in 2022, amidst the worsening cost of living crisis across the country.

In a tweet, James Cleverly posted picture tiles that boast about the figures, with each titled “Frozen”, “Sanctioned”, “Committed,” and a statement saying “2022 the year we took on tyrants”.

Each tile talks about how the British government successfully froze over 18 billion Euros of Russian assets, or how they successfully sanctioned Iranian and Russian officials.

Ever since the west instigated riots in Iran in September, the US, the UK, and other European countries emerged as the so-called flag bearer of human rights in Iran.

But when the west’s sinister plots to create instability within Iran were coming to a failure, they started imposing a fresh round of unlawful sanctions against Iranian officials and against free voices like Press TV and other Iranian media outlets.

The west has played this game of taking political revenge since long by imposing inhumane sanctions on Iran; the restrictions have strangled the health of people suffering from chronic diseases.

It has ranged from death to different complications of the disease, mainly due to limited access to medicine. The most critical patients have been affected the worst including children, patients with epidermolysis bullosa, cancer, hemophilia, cardiovascular disease, asthma, and epilepsy.

Truly, the governments of the UK and the US call themselves the giver of rights to the already free people of Iran, but turn a blind eye when providing the Iranian patients with life-saving medical supplies.

“Western governments say that they are committed to freedom of speech, that freedom of speech ends at foreign media Outlets. They constantly criticize foreign governments for supposedly violating freedom of speech when they themselves are violating freedom of speech," said Benjamin Norton on 23 December, founder and editor of independent news outlet Multipolarista.

British hypocrisy and selective approach

Earlier, Cleverly had been slammed for Britain's double standards on human rights abusers after his article in the Guardian claimed that, "Britain is not a passive observer on the world stage" and wanted "oligarchs and dictators to fear us," but turned a blind eye towards the crimes of the state of Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Another UK minister, David Rutley who in early December made a comment over the torture of a man to death by Saudi Arabia, took a complete U-turn four days later from his comments.

"We have already expressed our concerns, particularly about Mr al-Kheir's case, in which clearly torture was used," and added that, "We find that abhorrent, and we raised that issue at the highest level and will continue to do so not just in his case, but in other cases where that might be happening as well," Rutley told the parliament.

Four days later, Rutley tried to row-back on his harsh criticism of Saudi Arabia by requesting an amendment to the transcripts of parliamentary debates, Hansard. According to the Telegraph, Rutley asked for the word "abhorrent" to be removed and cast doubt on the treatment of Hussein Abo al-Kheir.

The friendly relationship of the UK government with the Israeli regime and Saudi Arabia prompts Britain not to condemn and denounce the atrocities and horrors of the nefarious states, thus bringing forward the double standards of the British government that claims that they “took on tyrants” in 2022.

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