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Resumption of war in Yemen no longer question of if, but when

Yusef Mawry

Press TV, Sana’a

An Omani delegation visiting Sana’a to mediate peace talks has left the war-torn country. The talks were focused on initiatives and proposals to bring an end to the Saudi war on Yemen.

According to the Yemeni Negotiation Delegation’s leader, who accompanied the Omani mediation team, there can be no political discussions until the humanitarian crisis in Yemen is resolved.

Yemeni government officials involved in the peace talks expressed that in order for political negotiations to commence, the Saudi coalition must end its blockade and allow the resumption of salary payments to all civil servants.

Saudi Arabia has so far rejected those demands.

According to political expert Ahmed al-Hussaini, this is because Saudi Arabia is acting on behalf of US and Israeli interests in Yemen.

Although both sides have expressed willingness to engage in peace efforts to end the conflict, the Saudi-led coalition seems to be expanding its military activities in the Red Sea and parts of Yemen. And with both sides failing to reach an agreement, a resumption of war is no longer a question of if, but when.

The Omani delegation left Sana’a with a very clear message from the Yemeni government after days of negotiations. That message is that if the Saudi-led coalition doesn’t lift the blockade and pay government salaries, then Yemeni ballistic missiles will be launched into Saudi and UAE territories in the coming days.

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