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Iran-China relations

Following the decisions made at the 20th National Congress, China is sending a message to the world that it will continue on the path that is has been pursuing in the last decade, the path of expanded global economic cooperation, in which it replaced the United States as the primary trade partner of the majority of nations in the world.

It also signalled its intention to modernize its military capabilities as a response to the hostile attitude it has been experiencing from the US, as well as the constant provocations by the US vis-a-vis Taiwan and recent statements by NATO declaring China to be a threat to western security.

Contrary to what some in China had hoped, it seems the US, the west and NATO will not allow China to rise peacefully and become the most important economic power in the world without a fight and without efforts to destabilize east Asia where the US militarily-occupied countries of Japan and South Korea might be sacrificied by the US to confront China, similar to what was done by the US to Ukraine in its confrontation with Russia.

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