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Iran busts Mossad spy network planning to target its defense industry

Iranian intelligence busts Mossad espionage network. (File photo)

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry has identified and arrested members of a spy network who were planning to sabotage the country’s defense industry through front companies and security marketing.

Iran’s Tasnim news agency reported on Sunday that Iran’s intelligence forces uncovered a plot by a Mossad espionage network to gather information from Iranian knowledge-based companies that cooperate with Iran’s defense industries.

The Israeli regime’s Mossad spy agency hired data broker Frank Genin, who introduced himself as the chief of a spare parts manufacturer company and was able to contact several Iranian companies and employees, the report said.

The Mossad agent then invited his coworkers to a seminar in Malaysia, where he introduced them to another Mossad agent, Hadrien Lavaux.

As a cover-up, Lavaux has been the managing director of Triple A Industries, an Aerospace advanced alloys and composites company that was established in Singapore in 2017. Since then, the company started communicating with Iranian companies that provide carbon fibers, resin, and other metal alloys.

It is worth mentioning that Triple A Industries’ website says that Frank Genin is the chairman of the company, which explains the close cooperation between Genin and Lavaux.

Lavaux’s associates in Iran attended different exhibitions, monitored scientific conferences, and identified the latest needs of Iran’s defense industries.

According to the report, they later began to identify the chiefs, salespersons and important employees in companies that are active in the field of defense industries. These employees were invited to multiple front conferences abroad, including in Turkey, Hungary, Oman and Georgia, and their trips were fully covered.

However, Iran’s intelligence forces had kept a close eye on these trips and were able to track down the network.

Mossad has upped its espionage activity in the past few months and has been involved in a covert war against Iran by supporting terrorist attacks and violent riots across the country.

Iran’s foes, mainly the Israeli apartheid regime and the US, have also been engaged in an attempt to spy on and sabotage Iran’s defense industry.

The cornerstone of the Iranian defense strategy is its missile program, which emerged after Iran learned the art of reverse engineering on missiles it had acquired from Libya in the thick of the imposed Iraqi war in the 1980s.

Summing up the advances, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says Iran currently produces hypersonic missiles all on its own.

Iran realized the importance of military independence through over four decades of sanctions, including during Iraq’s eight-year war, when world powers did not even supply Iran with barbed wires, let alone weapons.

The Islamic Republic maintains that given Washington’s permanent strategy of military threats against Tehran, it has no choice but to build up its defense capabilities.

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