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Iran thwarts influx of smuggled weapons amid riots

Mahdi Abbasian
Press TV, Tehran

Ever since the riots began in September, anti-Iran media has been depicting the situation as a violent crackdown on so-called peaceful protesters. For the past two months they have been running a propaganda campaign to further pressure Iran under the pretext of violating human rights. But are these peaceful protesters?

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry has recently reported the confiscation of huge cache of weapons and equipment used by the terrorists. In fact, Iranian security forces have thwarted several arms smuggling operations and dismantled a number of operational cells affiliated with the terrorist organizations such as MKO.

This comes as the illegal influx of weapons into the country is on the rise recently. The confiscated weapons were supposed to be transferred to Iran to be used in the recent riots.

Last month, in an interview with the Persian service of the British state funded broadcaster BBC, former White House national security adviser John Bolton said the "Iranian opposition is now being armed with weapons."

Bolton added that these arms are being smuggled into the country from the Iraq’s Kurdistan region, praising the use of force against Iran's security forces.

The recent foreign-backed riots in Iran have claimed hundreds of lives belonging to both security forces and ordinary people. In addition, by conducting acts of vandalism, violence, and insecurity, rioters have paved the way for separatist and terrorist groups to infiltrate the country and carry out brutal attacks against innocent people.

Smuggling huge amounts of weapons into Iran to be used in the recent foreign-backed riots is merely aimed at undermining the country’s security. But Iranian officials have time and again stated that the country’s security is a red line that no one is allowed to cross.

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