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US public support for Ukraine weakening: Poll

Ramin Mazaheri
Press TV, Chicago

A new poll shows that the unrest in Ukraine is no longer seen as a top priority by the American public.

Ukraine has dropped to just the 8th-most important foreign policy subject, with Republican voters considering a deal on Iran’s nuclear energy program a bigger priority.

It’s the latest poll which shows increasing public demand for genuine diplomatic efforts with Moscow, and calls into question Washington’s role in exacerbating the unrest in Ukraine.

The Biden administration is rushing through a request for a massive $40 billion in additional funding for Ukraine, on top of the $40 billion they have already given Kiev.

Such a massive arms and aid package would likely ensure that unrest in Ukraine continues for years.
Democrats are rushing the bill through because the Republican Party has won control of the House of Representatives, and they have vowed to end the blank-check approach to funding Kiev.

The new Congress begins in January, and is expected to be less interventionist and more isolationist, which is something progressive Democrats may support as well.

Sanctions on Russia have drastically backfired against the West, causing recession, record inflation and significant hardship for their citizens.

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