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'UNHRC  resolution strategic mistake'

Iran's Foreign Ministry has strongly condemned an anti-Iran resolution adopted by the UN Human Rights Council, dismissing it as totally unacceptable. The ministry said the resolution that calls for an international probe into Iran's handling of recent riots was a move by a small group of Western countries. It condemned those countries for pushing the Human Rights Council to adopt their will in the form of an anti-Iran resolution. The ministry also expressed regret that the Geneva-based council has once again been exploited to serve the interests of a small group of countries. It said the resolution was a strategic mistake made by Germany and some other western states on the basis of miscalculations and pressures from special political lobbies and anti-Iran media. The Ministry added that such political shortsightedness will ultimately harm the interests of those countries.

Russian oil price cap

Russian President Vladimir Putin says western plans to put price caps on Russian oil could have grave consequences for global energy markets. Putin has stated that such actions are contrary to the principles of market relations. The European Union members have so far failed to reach a consensus over the price level for Russian oil as the cap is set to take effect on December 5th. It would ban firms from transporting or providing insurance for Russian oil shipments sold above the fixed price. Following the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, the US and its European allies have imposed unprecedented sanctions on Moscow, especially targeting its energy sector. Russia has said that it would not supply oil to the countries that support the price cap. Lower supplies generally push up oil prices in the market.

US mass shootings

An NGO tracking gun violence in the United States says the country has witnessed more six-hundred mass shootings for the third straight year. According to Gun Violence Archive, there have been 609 shooting incidents this year so far, in which, at least four people other than assailant were shot. Last year, there were six hundred and ninety such cases across the US, up from six hundred and ten in 2020. On an average, there had been around one-point-seven mass shootings per day in the country this year. The NGO’s database puts the death toll from gun violence in the US at around 40,000 in 2022. More than 18,000 of those deaths were homicide.

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