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IRGC: Iraqi govt., Kurdistan region must make common borders secure, fulfill commitments toward Iran

The photo shows the aftermath of an attack by Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps after the elite force’s missiles and drones destroyed terrorist camps in the northern Iraqi region on September 28, 2022. (Photo by Tasnim news agency)

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has urged the central government in Iraq as well as the Iraqi Kurdistan Region to meet their commitments toward Iran and take necessary measures to make the common borders between the two countries secure.

The IRGC made the call in a Monday statement after it once again targeted the positions of terrorist groups operating near the country’s western borders in Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region. During the Monday operation, the IRGC’s Ground Force pounded the positions of terror groups with multiple rocket launchers, precision-strike weapons and drones.

The IRGC said the operation came “pursuant to continued inaction and some evident oversights, which were sometimes intentional, by officials of the northern Iraqi [Kurdistan] region in dealing with the activities of counterrevolutionary and anti-Iran terrorist and separatist groups that have carved out a safe haven in the [Iraqi Kurdistan] region to hatch plots and conduct attacks against the Iranian nation."

The IRGC statement added that although similar operations conducted last month, terrorist forces were once again trying to foment insecurity in Iran.

“Therefore ... their bases as well as the routes used to transport arms and ammunition by terrorists to Iran were targeted by the missile and drone operations of the combatants of Islam,” the IRGC said.

It urged Iraq’s central government as well as the Iraqi Kurdistan Region to fulfill their commitments toward the Islamic Republic in line with the principle of good neighborly relations and make the two countries’ common borders secure, adding, “In this way, further damage to the people of the two countries and disruption of calm and security as a result of the presence of terrorists in the [Iraqi Kurdistan] region will be prevented.”

The IRGC said disarmament of terrorist and dismantling their bases by the Iraqi Kurdistan Region’s officials as well as forcing them to go to regions far from the Iranian borders are legitimate, legal and definitive demands of Iran’s Armed Forces and nation, which must be respected by the Kurdistan region’s officials.

Noting that mercenary terrorists of the global arrogance persist in their vicious armed operations against Iran, the IRGC warned, “Since the border and internal security of the country are among the Islamic Republic of Iran’s red lines, we will not tolerate the continuation of this situation.”

Since September 24, the IRGC has been targeting terrorist bases in Iraq’s Kurdistan region on a daily basis, amid reports that terrorists sought to ignite riots and unrest in Iran’s western border cities.

Iran has on countless occasions warned Iraqi Kurdistan’s local authorities that it will not tolerate the presence and activity of terrorist groups along its northwestern borders, saying the country will give a decisive response should those areas become a hub of anti-Islamic Republic terrorists.

Back in May, the IRGC struck and demolished positions of terrorist groups operating near the country’s western borders in Iraq’s northern Kurdish regional capital of Erbil.

Also in September last year, the IRGC launched an attack in northern Iraq, where it destroyed four bases belonging to hostile groups.

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