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Iran’s top intelligence bodies issue joint explanatory statement on riots

The logos of Iran’s Intelligence Ministry (R) and the Intelligence Organization of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC)

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry and the Intelligence Organization of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) issued an explanatory joint statement on Friday, describing various aspects of the recent riots in the country.

The two top intelligence bodies pointed to the major role of foreign intelligence agencies, especially the CIA, in orchestrating the riots in Iran in the past weeks.

“Continuous and precise” intelligence monitoring in the past year as well as acquired documents during the recent unrest reveals “numerous examples and undeniable references of the all-out role of the American terrorist regime in designing, implementing, and maintaining” the unrest, they said.

Here comes the full version of the statement translated into English:

In the name of God

An explanatory joint statement by Iran’s Intelligence Ministry and the Intelligence Organization of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC)

On US regime’s interventions in Iran’s recent riots

With condolences over the martyrdom of a group of compatriots in the shrine of Ahmad bin Musa (AS) and the martyrs for the country’s security, and supplicating prayers before God for the elevation of those martyrs, patience, and reward for their grieving survivors, and the full and speedy recovery of the injured and those affected by the terrorist incident in the holy shrine, and along with a pledge of heartfelt allegiance to those martyrs and to God Almighty to pursue comprehensive, accurate and rigorous information until the discovery and punishment of the entire perpetrators of this barbaric crime and their supporters at any time and in any place, we hereby bring to the attention of the noble Iranian nation that information and explanations were provided with regard to some aspects of the recent riots in an explanatory statement on September 30. Now, by obtaining new reliable information, as well as by removing the protection and security restrictions from parts of the existing data, we will provide further details for the information of the magnanimous people of Islamic Iran, and in this regard, it is deemed necessary to explain three points in advance:

First, in the current statement, the reliability of data and their documentation have been especially emphasized. Therefore, every effort has been made to present the information obtained from various intelligence methods in here.

Second, based on the available information, it has been established that preparations, ground setting, and also an important part of the executive operations of the recent riots were designed by foreign spy services in the form of a package and implemented in different ways inside the country through some groups and networks related to them. On the other hand, there is another important fact that in their recent operations, these services have tried to exploit some of the existing grievances in society, and even as much as possible, base their information projects on the misuse of such issues.

Third, accurate and continuous intelligence observations over the past year, as well as available documentation from the recent riots and information obtained from the enemy's scenarios for the post-crisis phase, bear many examples and undeniable references to the comprehensive role of the terrorist American regime in the design, implementation, and continuation of the aforementioned imbroglio. Therefore, the basic focus of the present statement is on the role of the American mafia regime, its allies, and their infantry in the latest riots across the country in three stages, including before, during, and after the unrest.

Part 1: Pre-unrest stage

In the recent events, the brutal US regime started a pre-planned and pre-fabricated (and even multiple-time postponed) project by using a tragic incident as a pretext and before the announcement of the results of an investigation (into the death of Ms. Mahsa Amini), with a kind of unconcealed joy and satisfaction that rippled through all the words and positions of the officials of that regime. It is axiomatic that the US regime basically has an instrumental and exploitative view of world events. This is while the regime gives short shrift to the heinous murder and horrific dismemberment of Jamal Khashoggi – a deliberate, definite, tragic, obvious and anti-human rights incident which by their own confession was a deliberate act by the primitive Saudi regime and happened in the most brutal way possible. This is also the case for the position of that regime regarding the intentional murder (and not the sudden death) of Ms. Shireen Abu Akleh by the bloodthirsty Zionists, which was met with total disregard from the terrorist-nurturing American government. The same is true for the brutal murders of people of color in America by the racist police of that regime, which lead to several crimes every day while only a few of them are filmed and made public.

The available intelligence evidence shows that the CIA spy agency, in cooperation with allied spy agencies and its reactionary proxies, had ventured into an extensive plot before the start of the riots, in the ways that will be mentioned, to wreak nationwide havoc in Iran with the aim of committing atrocities against the country’s great people and its territorial integrity, as well as laying the groundwork for the intensification of external pressures. According to the available intelligence, the US’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) played the main role in this while enjoying the close cooperation of the evil British foreign intelligence service, the foreign intelligence service of the child-killing Zionist regime (Mossad), and the foreign intelligence service of the primitive Saudi regime and several other countries. There is credible intelligence that the planning and operational implementation of the major part of the riots were carried out by Mossad, in cooperation with the most dastardly terrorist groups.

It is worth mentioning that before the recent incident and since last year, the aforementioned coalition had planned other issues on other occasions to start the riots, which were thwarted by the grace of God and the efforts of the unknown soldiers of Imam Zaman (AS) and the country’s glorious intelligence community. In such occasions as the anniversary of some events of the past years, the period of implementation of the major national subsidization scheme at the beginning of this year, and the American project for the removal of hijab on July 12 of last year, etc.

Moreover, some of the measures by the aforesaid spy services to prepare the ground for riots are as follows:

1. Establishment of “collaborating networks”

The terrorist US government, having been dismayed at confronting the great nation of Iran militarily and through cruel and inhumane sanctions, has invested in a malicious web of organizations known as “collaborators” to build networks and infiltrate various social sectors. The US intelligence and security apparatus, under the pretext of human rights activities and promotion of democracy, has spent billions of dollars every year to identify potential elements and link them with like-minded and pro-Western networks. This intrusive network, acting as an infantry force for social changes, is responsible for creating false demands, leading the public astray and inciting public discontent.

In recent years, parts of this network have been identified and dealt with at different levels with the help of the country's intelligence community. By going after this intrusive network’s finances and identifying its agents in the media and other sectors, the Trump administration’s grand project to incite mass protests in the country was met with defeat. However, the enemy, in recent months, has spent more money and used various methods to set the stage for more riots. 

2. Examples of US efforts to create crises in cultural and social spheres

2.1. The Oslo human rights forum

This meeting was convened in Oslo, Norway, on May 24-26 this year with the support of the US government and Zionist institutions. The most important goal of the meeting was to expand the coverage of and support for the so-called campaigns of "supporting the rights of women and minorities in Iran" and to create convergence between such elements in Iran and Afghanistan. On the sidelines of the gathering, CIA officials surreptitiously spoke with a mercenary woman (who was one of the speakers at the meeting) about the issue of women while stressing the need to exploit any incident such as the collapse of Abadan’s Metropol building, to create mass unrest. That anti-revolutionary agent, on the order of CIA officials, made great efforts in this regard and kept the exploitation of the tragic incident of the Metropol building on her agenda for months.

2.2. Creating the impression of an efficiency crisis

Following the occurrence of the tragic crash of the Ukrainian plane and also after the collapse of the Metropol commercial building in Abadan, American elements insisted that their media actors use whatever challenge or problem as a plea to create the impression of existence of an efficiency crisis in Iran that could be construed as the Iranian establishment's illegitimacy on the domestic and international arenas. This directive was acted on repeatedly both by the American-British-Saudi media organizations and similar outlets, as well as during the recent riots by the followers of those mouthpieces.

2.3. Creating fake demands to hide the impact of oppressive sanctions

Using their intrusive network, which features some socially-influential elements, the Americans tried to fuel a fake demand movement across cultural and social areas, in order to attribute the effect of sanctions and existing shortcomings to alleged inefficacy on the part of the Islamic Republic of Iran's establishment. There is information pointing to the existence of a parallel plan by the official American mafia. The American side would, on the one hand, implement the most barbaric sanctions against the Iranian nation, and direct the US-affiliated media outlets to shed crocodile tears for shortcomings and the nation's problems, and attribute whatever setback or inefficiency to the establishment's authorities on the other. The American elements would, in the meantime, bring up talk of lessening the effects of the sanctions, but only towards reinforcing access to the American social media in the cyberspace.

2.4. Focusing on so-called marginalized groups

In the aftermath of the 2019–2020 unrest, the Americans placed more emphasis on creating dissatisfaction and provoking the so-called marginalized communities. The United States’ stooges hatched dozens of schemes – the confidential documents of which have been leaked – in this regard and sought to somehow draw on the capacity of vulnerable groups to confront the Islamic establishment in Iran.

3. Hybrid warfare and soft subversion training courses

In the explanatory statement dated September 30, it was mentioned that Western and Israeli intelligence services had held “training courses for leaders of hybrid warfares” for a significant number of relevant and pre-selected elements and assigned them the mission to transfer what they were taught to others and act in an organized manner. It is also worth mentioning that the in-depth monitoring of the activities of institutions collaborating with opposition groups, both in real-life situations and on the internet, shows that they have devised serious and continuous plots aimed at manipulating various social strata, especially in fields concerning women. The agents of the malevolent US regime, through the so-called “promotion of democracy and freedom” plots under various projects such as the Project on Middle East Democracy (POMED), Near East Regional Democracy (NERD) and so on, finance their mercenaries, train them in different types of urban warfare and social rebellion techniques, and identify thugs and direct their activities toward murdering people and damaging their property. On the other hand, anyone who discovers and reveals or even mentions the aforementioned scenario is immediately branded as a “conspiracy theorist” by their agents or those oblivious to these events, to the extent that some elites, unfortunately, fall into this trap either knowingly or unknowingly and go along with the aforesaid group. It is worth mentioning that the United States’ command and control center, in launching infiltration and media campaigns, has agents in the Department of State and takes advantage of the intelligence and capacities provided by other state and intelligence departments to act against the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Americans have held numerous – sometimes online – training courses in third-party countries in order to attract the people they want, create networks and implant ideas in them based on bringing about social changes within the framework of the aforementioned goals. The important issue is that the arrangements for presence of trainees in third-party countries are often made by individuals and executing organizations through the offices and missions of the foreign ministry of the mafia regime of America. The available reliable information about some other aspects of these courses is as follows:

3.1. The head of the aforesaid courses is the US Department of State, which enjoys the full support of the CIA and a significant number of institutions, foundations, universities, and so-called non-governmental think tanks. Authentic information indicates that the usurping Zionist regime and a number of European countries are cooperating with this project under the guidance of the CIA.

3.2. The contents of the courses, in the most concise interpretation, are defined within the framework of the components of “hybrid warfare and soft subversion.” Under this strategy, there are headings with justified and often humanitarian names and titles, but in practice they follow the strategies and policies of the American government and intelligence agencies, such as networking and campaigning on various issues and from various elements, empowering women, inventing human rights excuses against Iran and reporting to designated authorities, empowering subordinate trade unions, training various aspects of civil disobedience to people, nurturing young obedient leaders, so-called civic activism, news reporting and news making at the time of crisis, activism in social and civil development, training on online movements and communication security in cyber space, training free law courses to people to support co-workers in American projects, training courses for supporting the rights of sexually deviant groups, educating people on managing the process of demanding changes in laws, setting up legal clinics with the aim of inducing the inefficiency of the judicial system, defining classes and roles for civil activists in the framework of color coups and supporting street rioters, promoting citizen journalism required by the US, building a network of famous, like-minded and influential social elements etc.

3.3. The training courses have so far been held in such countries as Turkey, the UAE, Netherlands, Armenia, Georgia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Czech Republic, South Africa, Italy, Seychelles (in the Indian Ocean), which were convened with or without the knowledge of the said governments. As can be seen, the venues of the courses are usually in countries that do not require a visa for Iranian nationals to travel to, and in cases where a visa is required, it is done with the support of American agencies and under the cover of tourist or scientific visas.

3.4. A number of organizations that held the courses were identified under real or fake titles such as United for Iran, Justice for Iran, Irex, Freedom House, Small Media Foundation, Siamak Pourzand Foundation (SPF), Impact Iran Coalition, Tavaana Tech, Abdorahman Boroumand Foundation, Defenders of Human Rights Center (led by Shirin Ebadi), Yalda Institute, and were Iranian mercenaries and the American intelligence, military and political elements. The aforementioned institutions and individuals each focus on a class, union, and gender.

3.5. The costs of the courses, including the return ticket to the destination country, the cost of the hotel, food and entertainment programs and gifts are paid by the organizers of the courses. For example, the cost of the several-day training course held in Georgia was paid by Fatemeh Haqiqatjoo, member of the reformist faction in the 6th term of the Iranian Parliament. (In more precise words, she was merely an agent to pay on behalf of the American taskmaster)

 3.6. Although these courses are held against the holy establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran more than any other country, according to the available information, when necessary (from the US regime’s point of view) and in cases where they intend to coerce other countries, similar methods are used against them, which in a number of cases and in information exchanges with some countries, it has been reported to them and from now on it will also be reported to them given the case.

To be completed...

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