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Lions’ Den challenges Israeli narrative: Special unit was eliminated during operation

The Lions' Den said in a statement on Wednesday that Israeli special forces were eliminated during West Bank clashes. (Photo by Palestine Chronicle)

The Palestinian resistance group Lions’ Den has exposed the Israeli regime’s false narrative on the latest violent Israeli military operations in the West Bank, saying the enemy was focused on rescuing its troops rather than eliminating resistance fighters.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Lions’ Den provided an opposing narrative regarding the events which led to the killing of five Palestinians earlier this week in Nablus.

“We challenge the Zionist occupation to broadcast the video of the entire operation – but you will not do so,” the group said, according to the Palestine Chronicle.

It said that it had received security information and estimates that the Israeli occupation’s operation targeting the Lions’ Den, in which Israeli prime minister Yair Lapid and the regime’s minister for military affairs Benny Gantz would achieve electoral achievements, was drawing near.

Based on the information it had received, the leadership of the Lions’ Den convened the night of the storming (of Nablus) to determine what to do.

“The Lions’ Den’s fighters outside the area had already located the Israeli special forces unit that entered Nablus prior to the arrival of regular army forces,” the statement read, adding, “the group’s commanders decided to mobilize the fighters and lured Israeli soldiers inside the Old City, and the resistance fighters were able to strike Israeli soldiers from several different positions.”

“In every true sense of the word, that special unit was eliminated,” the group asserted, “as it came under heavy fire” and fell into the trap of “previously planted explosives.” It further explained that the Israeli army’s operation was, in reality, focused on rescuing its troops.

Elsewhere in the statement, the group explained that there was a 10-minute time interval between the Israeli occupation forces’ arrival and the withdrawal of the group’s leader, al-Hawah. According to the group, however, logistical difficulties made it impossible for al-Hawah to leave the area, leading to his death.

And having failed to achieve any of its objectives, the Israeli occupation army bombed a house. By the time of their withdrawal, the Israeli regime forces had failed to capture the leadership of the Lions’ Den, obtaining no useful data or any equipment.

Ali Khaled Antar, Mishal Baghdadi, Hamdi Qayyem, Hamdi Mohamed Sharaf, in addition to Wadee al-Hawah, one of the leaders of the Areen Al-Ousoud (The Lions’ Den) resistance group were martyred in the clashes with the Israeli occupation army on Monday.

At an event earlier this week, Israeli army chief Aviv Kochavi claimed that the army had been successful in waging its war in the West Bank, adding that Israel had allegedly “thwarted hundreds of operations.”

In September 2022, Haaretz’s Yaniv Kubovich said that in too many situations the Israeli army is playing fast and loose with the facts as it keeps denying true events taking place.

The growing resistance in the West Bank is causing more than a mere “headache” for Tel Aviv and if this phenomenon continues to grow, it could threaten the very existence of the Israeli apartheid regime. Lion’s Den members reportedly do not wait for Israeli troops to come to them, and instead, they head outside of the Nablus Old City on an almost nightly basis and attack Israeli targets in the area, before managing to flee back unscathed, almost every time.

The group, along with other armed Palestinian military units, has been active in responding to the killing of Palestinians, including children, women and elders.

Israel has killed at least 183 Palestinians since the start of 2022 in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, including 26 since the start of October, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said in a new report yesterday.

In its report, the ministry said 51 of those mentioned were from the besieged Gaza Strip mostly during the massive Israeli offensive in August. 35 children were among the around 200 people killed, with 19 from the occupied West Bank and 16 from the Gaza Strip.

Local and international rights groups have condemned Israel’s excessive use of force and “shoot-to-kill policy” against Palestinians while so-called human rights advocates topped by the US set a blind eye to the blatant Israeli crimes against Palestinians.

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