Will My Vote Count?

It’s election time in America. You perhaps remember the mayhem two years ago after the results of the presidential election was rejected by former president Donald Trump and his supporters.

They shouted. And when the dust settled, it was said that that was just an aberration in US democracy. But was it really? Because new data shows an overwhelmingly majority of Americans are concerned about the elections’ integrity and the way the voting is organized.

In this episode we will discuss Americans’ concern about election integrity. Simply put, people think they may cheat the vote. BUT that is  just about people. Almost 250 of nominees running for the House and Senate in November are so-called election deniers. What does that mean?

Again simply put, they think they cheated the vote and may do that again. It’d be interesting to see how might these candidates respond to losing in November. And why is it that so many just don’t trust the elections anyway?

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