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Sana'a Govt.: Yemen ready for war if Saudi Arabia continues to violate sovereignty

Yusef Mawry
Press TV, Sanaa

The war drums are beating again in the Yemeni capital after a UN-brokered ceasefire ended on Sunday.

For people who have suffered for eight years from the Saudi bombings and inhumane blockade, the expiration of the ceasefire comes as bad news for many. This is particularly true for college students concerned about their futures after graduation.

With the ceasefire expiring, the Yemenis are bracing for what could be a resumption of Saudi aerial bombardment accompanied by a heavily concentrated siege from land, air, and sea. However, Ansarullah's Spokesperson says the movement is prepared to break the siege and liberate the country from all foreign presence.

Yemen’s armed forces have put oil companies working in Saudi Arabia and UAE on alert. It warns that these facilities could be targeted if Saudi Arabia and its allies fail to commit and carry out a ceasefire.

Army spokesman Yahya Saree says Yemeni people have the right to use their own resources, including oil. Saree also called for the immediate removal of the Saudi-led blockade. He said that as long as aggressors fail to agree to a comprehensive and sustainable truce, Yemeni forces will push back.

Political analyst Sameer al-Masani believes hitting these oil-rich countries where it hurts is perhaps the only way to end the war.

The UN Envoy to Yemen Hans Grundberg is urging both sides to refrain from any provocations that can lead to all-out war so that a political agreement can be reached. However, Tofeak al-Himyari from Yemen's Ministry of Information believes all efforts to reach a peaceful solution have failed.

Although aerial warfare has not commenced, fighting on the ground has reignited in a number of battlefronts between Saudi mercenaries and Yemeni fighters who are vowing to make Saudi Arabia pay a hefty price for their aggression on Yemen.

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