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Analyst: Who can smell the gas? Winds of change disperse the stench of Old World lies as Russia, China rise

Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden (Photos by AFP)

Former General David Petraeus stepped forward this week to respond to what the West is calling Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “threat” to use nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, CNN and other Western outlets are sounding the same alarm along these lines, massaging the narrative that Russians intend to use nukes in Ukraine.

But US-based political commentator and analyst Daniel Patrick Welch cautions against taking them at their word.

“The methane spewing up from the sabotaged gas pipelines on the Baltic Sea floor are the most accurate analog for the gaseous nonsense spewing from the bloviating gasbags of the collective West,” Welch said in an interview with Press TV on Tuesday. “Evermore shrill with every new development, they are left to fart out their noxious lies to poison the atmosphere, accumulating like the carbon greenhouse effect of their vaunted echo chamber. Even if we can’t smell them, their lies are literally killing us, first slowly, and finally with a great, cataclysmic implosion.”

Welch refuted the claim, which he labels simply bizarre, that Russia is responsible for the sabotage of Nordstream 1 & 2 gas pipelines that took place on September 27.

“We are now told that the Russians, having spent billions of dollars to build these massive projects, against enormous technical odds and political opposition, are themselves the ones blame for having blown them up,” said the American writer. “In this Bizarro World of Western lies, it is nearly impossible to gain a foothold against the ridiculous narrative our overlords have constructed for the consumption of the peons. Every step, every stone crumbles under the weight of truth. Black is white, night is day, down is up. The creators of this madness laugh at the Pavlovian success of the system control they use to control their populations.”

“It is hard to tell when Western sources aren’t lying,” he said. “The gasbags’ lies are everywhere, minus the whiff of the added chemical that makes it identifiable to guard against accidental explosions. Brushing past the “news” stand, I get a peek at one particularly hilarious headline. Reuters, AP, NYT, UPI, AFP… who cares? Everyone is already on board. ‘Ukraine reclaims more territory as Russia’s hopes fade…’”

The commentator responded with disbelief: “WTF? is the only response that comes to mind, even though a texting shorthand isn’t exactly standard interview language. In the real world, the news is that four regions of the battered eastern Ukraine, having been pounded by their ‘own’ government artillery for over 8 years, have finally rejoined Russia, whose annexation was cemented yesterday by the state Duma,” he explained.

“Earth-shattering, mind-bending, geopolitical tectonic-plate-shifting news being digested by the rest of the world. In the West? Ukraine reclaims territory. There can be no engagement with such insanity, and I fear there is little hope for any diplomatic or non-military way out.”

Putting forward current and former officials are just a platform for massaging the Biden administration’s narrative, according to Welch. “Former CIA stooge David Betray-us, one of the prominent gasbags in the latest methane-bubbling news onslaught, off-gasses more snarling threats about Russia’s supposed ‘threat’ to use nuclear weapons. It’s completely made up, of course—any honest and even casual perusal of Putin’s speech on the matter reveals nothing of the sort. But twisting his words, deliberately misinterpreting them or just fabricating some lie or other out of whole cloth—this is the entire modus operandi of Petraeus and his ilk.”

“It would help, though, actually to read or listen to his actual speech,” he suggested. “Russian doctrine has been crystal clear on the issue of nuclear use: in response to a WMD attack, or if the existence of the Russian state is under threat. The US’ policy has been fuzzy and deliberately vague (the better to threaten you with, my dear) since Oppenheimer’s first ‘success.’ Having dropped two devices on non-military targets, the US and its western vassals are on thin ice when lecturing others about their use.”

Welch elaborated: “But these are old truths, ingrained in the world’s collective memory for decades. Ditto with the rest of Putin’s scathing litany: maybe this is what actually frightens and enrages his western would-be assassins.” So why the shrill response? He continues: “Well, projection is a terrible thing. Putin carefully and systematically ran down a list of the west’s crimes against humanity, from slavery to colonialism to imperialism to chemical and biological attacks to the destruction and invasion of country after country. It’s a long list. Holy sh*t, they might have thought. What if someone like Putin or [enter Hitler du jour here] managed to do even a fraction of the stuff to us that we have done to them for half a millennium? Outrageous!”

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The commentator pointed out that the threat imagined by the Russian Federation President and enshrined in Russian doctrine is not new: “And of course, threatening the existence of the Russian state is precisely what the US and the various Poodlestan statelets it controls have envisioned for a very long time. They can blather on about the Russians’ “hysterical” reaction, calling it unhinged, crazy, etc. They might even believe it—or they might be lying. Who knows. Their lips are moving, after all. Even dissident Russians, missing the mark by a wide margin, think Putin exaggerates the threat,” he continued.

“Which is all well and good, except that it already happened,” Welch laughed. “Not only is it the western wet dream cemented in the whitepapers of a dozen DontThink tanks of how Russia is to be segmented and its wealth plundered. This is what the western elites did in 1993, propping Yeltsin’s sorry ass up on a tank like some sort of drunken sock puppet before raiding the coffers and riches of the state and its resources.”

The timing of this latest rhetorical battle is interesting, according to Welch: “It is somewhat ironic that this debate should be taking place on October 3 and 4, the anniversary of the October Massacre that solidified the existential threat and marked the beginning of the western conquest. Unwritten or ignored history, complete with a Pinochet-style secret mass killing in a stadium riddled with bullet holes. The conservative and orthodox-leaning Putin—certainly no communist he—is nonetheless acutely aware of this history.”

Welch continued: “As far as the rest of the litany, well… It really shouldn’t need to be said that it is laughable for the west to wag its bloody finger at anyone. Are they alone in these crimes against humanity? Of course not. But anyone with a brain can see how ludicrous it is that the likes of Stinkin Thinkin Blinken, or worse, the British Monarchy, could lecture Russia—or China, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Syria or anyone for that matter—on ‘values’ and human rights,” Welch asserts. “It is simply a joke and most of the world—perhaps 80-90%--sees right through it.”

So where does this leave us? Welch summed it up: “A few things are clear. For starters, these regions will never again be under the control of anyone but Russia. Ever,” he emphasized. “Secondly, there is absolutely no chance of going backwards. The world stage is changed forever. Russia, China with it, along with the rest of the Despised and the Damned (according to western ‘values’) will simply never again bow to the dictates of the US and the collective West.

The American analyst takes one final swipe at the US’ European allies. "Europe has, stupidly, made its bed and committed economic suicide. Will it happen without conflagration? This is up to the West. We can only take a deep breath and hope that sanity might somehow prevail. The best advice may come from the old spiritual: ‘Get on board, little children. The ark is a gonna move.’”


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