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China vows 'most forceful steps' to oppose external interference in affairs of Taipei

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi addresses the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York on September 24, 2022.

China has vowed to strongly confront any foreign support for the Chinese Taipei's independence from the mainland as the United States keeps courting the separatist forces on the Chinese-owned island.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi made the remarks on Saturday in New York, while addressing the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

"We must combat Taiwan independence separatist activities with the firmest resolve and take the most forceful steps to oppose external interference," he said, adding, "Any move to obstruct China's reunification is bound to be crushed by the wheels of history."

China has sovereignty over Taipei, and under the internationally-recognized One-China policy, nearly all countries recognize that sovereignty, meaning that they refrain from establishing diplomatic contact with Taipei's secessionist government.

The US, too, sticks to that principle, but in violation of its own stated policy and in an attempt to antagonize Beijing, Washington fraternizes the secessionist government in Taipei, supports its anti-China stance, and supplies it with massive amounts of armaments.

Back in August, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stirred controversy when she made a brief trip to Taipei and met with its president in what had been meant to be an affront to Beijing. China reacted by asserting its sovereignty and holding military drills around the Chinese Taipei for several days.

Wang, who had met with his American counterpart Antony Blinken on Friday, insisted on Taipei's reunification with China, adding that Beijing will combat "independence separatist activities."

"Only by resolutely forestalling separatist activities can we forge a true foundation for peaceful reunification. Only when China is completely reunified, can there be enduring peace across the Taiwan Strait," he said.

'China supports resolution of Ukraine conflict'

Elsewhere in his remarks to the world body, the Chinese top diplomat addressed the situation in Ukraine, where Russia has been staging a "special military operation" since February.

"The fundamental solution is to address the legitimate security concerns of all parties and build a balanced, effective, and sustainable security architecture," Wang said in his address.

Russia launched the operation after Ukraine refused to acknowledge Moscow's list of security concerns regarding the ex-Soviet republic, including its strong inclination to join the NATO, thus facilitating the US-led military alliance's march towards the Russian Federation's borders.

Wang said China supported all efforts conducive to the peaceful resolution of the situation in Ukraine, adding that the pressing priority was to enable talks for peace.

"We call on all parties concerned to keep the crisis from spilling over and to protect the legitimate rights and interests of developing countries," Wang said, calling for "fair and pragmatic" peace talks to resolve all global issues.

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