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Syria honors journalists killed during war

Mohammad Ali
Press TV, Damascus

Syria’s ministry of information organized an event to pay tribute to journalists who were killed while covering the war on the country.

Syrian officials attending the ceremony praised the sacrifices of those journalists, who included reporters, cameramen, technicians and other workers in the media sector.

Families and relatives received certificates of appreciation expressing to Press TV how proud they are that their family members’ blood was one of the main reasons for Syria’s victory over terrorism.

Press TV’s correspondent Maya Nasser was also among the list of journalists who lost their lives during the Syrian conflict. He was killed by terrorists in 2012 while covering an attack on the ministry of defense in the Syrian capital. He is one of many journalists who was keen on always being on frontlines to deliver the truth and perform his duty.

Despite knowing the dangers of reporting on battlefields, many journalists in Syria risked their lives to report the truth of events. Dozens were killed or injured defending the principles of journalism and showing responsibility in conveying what truly was happening on the ground in the face of a ferocious mainstream media campaign to distort the reality.

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