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Lebanon and the Region

Forty years ago, a small group of sincere young men decided to form a social and military movement inspired by the teachings of Imam Khomeini and the Islamic Revolution in Iran, to spiritually rebuild their community and to militarily expel the Israeli occupation forces from Lebanon. 

That small group, had very limited resources and their main weapon was their religious faith and the willingness to sacrifice everything in the fight against the US-backed Zionist occupation in the pursuit of liberating their homeland.

In a country with a traditionally weak government and army, Hezbollah has become the powerful defender of Lebanon's national interests particularly against the attempts by Israel to encroach on Lebanese territory and vital Lebanese economic and political interests. 

Both friend and foe acknowledge that Hezbollah today is a more powerful political, social, economic, military and cultural movement than many nation-states, a remarkable achievement for the group of sincere young men who inspired by their religious brethren in Iran, refused to submit to the occupation and oppression of the US and the Zionist colonial army 40 years ago.

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