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Hamas says ‘comprehensive resistance’ sole way to realize Palestinian rights, urges PA to scrap Oslo Accords

A file photo of a Palestinian Authority cabinet in session

The Gaza-based Hamas resistance movement has called on the Palestinian Authority (PA) to revoke the so-called Oslo Peace Accords and end any kind of cooperation with the occupying Israeli regime, stressing that “comprehensive resistance” is the only way to realize the rights of the Palestinian people.

Hamas made the call in a Tuesday statement on the 29th anniversary of the inking the so-called peace agreements in 1993, which marked the first time the Israeli regime and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) recognized each other.

The resistance movement said the disgraceful accords have jeopardized the Palestinian cause, brought about further restrictions for the Palestinians, and failed to stop Israel’s colonial projects and Judaization schemes across the occupied territories.

“Twenty-nine years have passed since the signing of the Oslo Accords, which have put the Palestinians, at home and in the diaspora, and their cause in a predicament and brought about more restrictions and pain for them. Thus, the Palestinian cause has been going through difficult stages while the Israeli occupation’s colonial project on our land was flourishing with more colonial settlement expansion and Judaization schemes in Jerusalem [al-Quds] and the Al-Aqsa Mosque,” the statement said.

“Moreover, the Oslo Accords have also deepened the tragedy of our people by forcefully displacing them and targeting our Palestinian freedom fighters and activists,” it added.

Hamas also censured the West Bank-headquartered PA for adopting “policies in the path of political compromise and security coordination” with Israel, which failed to meet the Palestinian people’s aspirations to enjoy their legitimate rights.

“The Palestinians’ steadfastness, resilience, sacrifices, and unity behind the comprehensive resistance across the occupied West Bank and 1948 occupied territories, their defense of Jerusalem [al-Quds], and the detainees’ fights against the Israeli occupation all affirm that resistance in all its forms is the most appropriate way to liberation, return, and self-determination,” the statement said.

“The PA’s Security coordination with the Zionist enemy and the attacks targeting the Palestinian people and activists who defend their lands and sanctities in the face of the settlement and Judaization schemes, are crimes against national norms and values,” it added.

Hamas warned the Palestinian Authority against compromising with the Israeli regime, saying, “We call on the Palestinian Authority to cancel the Oslo Accords, disengage from its security and economic subordination, and withdraw recognition of this Zionist entity.”

The resistance movement also called on the entire Palestinian factions to reform the Palestine Liberation Organization and agree on a unified strategy of comprehensive resistance to confront the Israeli occupation and achieve the aspirations of Palestinian people.

“We renew our absolute rejection of whatsoever agreements that do not recognize the legitimate rights of our people, foremost among which is their struggle and resistance to defend themselves, their land and their holy sites, and their right to liberation and return,” Hamas underlined.

The Oslo Accords were signed in the White House at that time but named after Norway’s capital city, where the secret back-channel dialog took place.

In recent weeks, Israel has ramped up attacks on Palestinian towns and cities throughout the occupied territories. As a result of these attacks, dozens of Palestinians have lost their lives and many others have been arrested.

More than 7,000 Palestinians are reportedly held in Israeli jails. Hundreds have been incarcerated under the practice of administrative detention, which allows holding Palestinian inmates in Israeli prisons without trial or charge. Some Palestinian prisoners have even been held in administrative detention for up to eleven years.

Meanwhile, Israeli authorities have in recent years approved plans for the construction of hundreds of new settler units in the West Bank, irrespective of the international outcry against the regime’s settlement expansion.

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