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Iranian artists gain foothold at Seoul fair

Frank Smith

Press TV, Seoul

Tehran's Sarai Gallery takes part in a massive art exhibition in South Korea, bringing Iran's leading and emerging artists to the Asian market.

Works from six Iranian painters are displayed at the event, where hundreds of galleries account for more than 50 million dollars in sales annually. Press TV’s correspondent Frank Smith reports from Seoul.

Seoul’s annual global art exhibition has been re-invigorated this year with additional events, and a most certain boost in attendance.

“The Korea International Art Fair continues an evolution that began with its launch back in 2002. This year features 164 galleries with more international exhibitors than ever before.”

That growing cosmopolitan experience and this region’s growth as an art market hub is what brought a premier Iranian gallery to Seoul.

Sarai had also participated in Seoul’s annual global art exhibition last year, with its paintings purchased by local Korean collectors. Expanding on last year’s success at the event and as Iranian artists are growing in international stature, Hassan Saradipour decided to display works from six Iranian artists at this year's event.

The massive exhibition featured paintings, although there were various multimedia and sculpture installations. As South Korean living standards have risen, more people have time and money to spend on such events. Their taste in art has also become more sophisticated.

For the first time this year, Frieze art fair in Seoul exhibited works from 110 galleries, including Piccaso, other 20th century masters, and contemporary talents.

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