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75th Independence Day of India celebrated at Holy Seminary in Qom

Indian students of an Indian Holy Seminary of Shahide Salis gathered to celebrate their 75th Independence Day in Qom, Iran.

The celebrations began with a speech from Taha Husain who is a senior student at the seminary, he began with the iconic speech of India's first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru that he gave when India got independence in 1947. “At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom…”

Later the program was followed by patriotic poetry by Rasheed Asghar, a student at the seminary.

"The mosque is near the temple,

The Quran lies beside the Geeta.

Both Hindu and Muslim in that neighborhood

live together with peace.

We're the reflection of the soil of Hind,

We will save Hindostan." translates the poetry.

An Indian cleric who attended the event, Fasahat Husain, gave a speech where he talked about the independence struggle of India and how Muslims played an important role in getting independence from the British.

He also pointed out to the students about the glorious culture of India that they have inherited and how it has transitioned through the ages. And about the growing fascism in the country.

"Freedom is amongst one of those values that every religion has talked about, freedom should not only be freedom for materialistic things, it should also be for the soul." he explained.

The celebrations ended with remembering the freedom fighters of India who sacrificed their lives in making India independent, after which together they sang the national anthem of India.

Every year 15th of August is celebrated as the day of independence from the British rule in India that lasted for an official 100 years.

Before leaving the country a British lawyer, Cyril Radcliffe who knew nothing about India, was assigned to separate the land into nations Hindustan and Pakistan. He then drew the Radcliffe line that till date separates the two nations.

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