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Muslims in Afghanistan observe Tasua, Ashura in large processions

Rahmatullah Baghban
Press TV, Kabul

Like every other Muslim nation in the world, Afghans passionately marked the 10-day mourning ceremonies for the martyrdom of Imam Hussein and his companions. Tasu’a, which falls on the ninth of Muharram and is devoted to Imam Hussein’s half-brother Abulfazl al-Abbas, drew hundreds of mourners to one of Kabul’s old shrines. Attendees listened to clerics’ speeches regarding the battle of Karbala and beat on their chests.

On Ashura, Afghan Muslims shut their businesses and take a day off to pay tribute to Karbala martyrs. They say prayers and hold charity events. This year, despite security threats, they took part in mass mourning ceremonies alongside Taliban officials.

The commemoration comes as Shia Afghans have been repeatedly targeted in places of worship and schools by terrorist groups - only because of their ethnicity and beliefs. On the seventh and eighth of Muharram this year two bomb explosions killed and injured more than 30 Shia mourners.

Afghanistan has witnessed different political and social changes over the course of centuries. Against the odds, Shia Muslims have been steadfast in remembering the battle of Karbala and Imam Hussein’s martyrdom.

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