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Chinese Military live fire drill around Taiwan response to Pelosi visit

( Sergey Mihailicenko - Anadolu Agency )

China has carried out military drills across six zones surrounding Chinese Taipei, performing a conventional missile assault in the waters east of Taiwan, utilizing over one hundred fighter Jets and bombers, supported by more than 10 destroyers and frigates.

These are perhaps the largest military drills that China has ever conducted, showing its immense military might.

This level of force displayed in such a manner shows how angry China is at the US and the US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after her visit to Taiwan.

They see Taiwan as an integral part of China, and they see that, as China has moved from being under the control of imperialist powers to becoming a strong independent nations, that they intend to exercise sovereignty over all of their historical, you know, geographical range, including Taiwan.

Professor Frank Emspak, University of Wisconsin

Ironically, the G7 groups of countries and the UN High Representative, Josep Borrell, have now issued a joint statement condemning these exercises, claiming that they threaten the stability of the region.

In this instance, the European side is now backing the US and emulating Washington’s belligerent stance against China.

Is this another Ukraine conflict scenario playing out?

China sees this as an act of provocation, since the US is endorsing and encouraging pro separatist and pro independence forces on the island.

(The) Chinese made their strikes, probably using our visit as an excuse. Let me close by saying this; the Chinese have tried to isolate Taiwan.

They may try to keep Taiwan from visiting or participating in other places, but they will not isolate Taiwan by preventing "us" to travel there [sic].

Nancy Pelosi, US House Speaker

China has long considered Chinese Taipei as part of its sovereign territory and has publicly stated that it may take it by force one day, if propitious.

This is where the US, and now Europe as well, come in with both having warned China against any thoughts of a takeover, which parallels the conditions prior to the war in Ukraine.

(China) has now declared seven restricted zones near Taiwan and say they will carry out a range of military exercises through Monday. These provocative actions are a significant escalation.

Anthony Blinken, US Secretary of State

I think the issue of provoking China is this, the United States does not have, as part of its, part of its sort of thinking that somebody is going to be our equal; we have in the western Pacific this amazing amount of military.

Well, China happens to be there, you know, that's kind of the world that they're in.

And I think that as time goes on, and they have been very clear about this, that they're not prepared to see American military hegemony in the western Pacific much longer.

Professor Frank Emspak, University of Wisconsin

However, China is not Ukraine if the military display by China is anything to go by. American provocations against China coupled with EU support come at a dangerous time when the economy of the planet is on the precipice.

The US anti China stance has led to the Chinese military drills taking place along some of the world's busiest shipping routes.

Let's not forget the global supply of vital semiconductors and electronic equipment produced in East Asia all come from this region.

Additionally, 60% of global maritime trade, and 22% of the total global trade passes through the South China Sea.

Are the US and their European allies willing to take such a risk?


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