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Barr: Trump ‘obviously bent on revenge more than anything else’

Then-US Attorney General William Barr (left) and then-President Donald Trump turn to leave after speaking in the Rose Garden of the White House, in Washington, July 11, 2019. (AP file photo)

Former US Attorney General Bill Barr has said that he does not see former President Donald Trump as the right candidate for the Republican Party in 2024.

In an interview on Friday with CBS News, Bar said Trump is “obviously bent on revenge more than anything else.”

“I think the future is bright for the Republican Party. I view 2024 as setting up another 1980 where when [Ronald] Reagan won two terms and then [George H.W.] Bush won a third term. And that’s what I think you really need to make America great again, you know, decisive victory and the reaction to the excesses of the progressive Democrats,” Barr said.

“And I think we could do that again and really achieve a decisive victory with the right candidate, but I don’t think Trump is that candidate. The day he’s elected he’ll be a 78-year-old lame duck who is obviously bent on revenge more than anything else.”

Trump has not officially announced that he will be running in 2024, though he is widely expected to make an announcement on a potential bid.

Meanwhile, Trump has also said that only a doctor's call could prevent him from participating in the 2024 presidential race. The poll underscores his hold over Republican voters.

According to recent polls, Trump dominates the field of potential candidates for the 2024 Republican presidential race.

Some 55 percent of voters said they would support Trump in the 2024 Republican primary, while Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is a distant second. DeSantis, a rising star within the party, garnered the support of 20 percent.

According to another poll, US President Joe Biden will lose to Trump in a potential presidential race in 2024.

The recent Emerson College survey shows Trump leading Biden 44 percent to 39 percent in a head-to-head hypothetical matchup.

Trump, who believes that the election was rigged by the Washington establishment in favor of Joe Biden, has alleged that the 2020 election was “the greatest Election Hoax in history.”

Barr drew the ire of Trump after he said in an interview with NBC News that the former president became enraged when he told him that there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud.

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Trump, who has been casting doubt on the outcome of his loss to Biden by insisting it was the result of fraud, slammed Barr, and accused him of failing to do more to tackle widespread voter fraud in the disputed 2020 presidential election.

Trump called Barr “ineffective” and “weak” for failing to address his claims of fraud.

“Former Attorney General Bill Barr wouldn’t know voter fraud if it was staring him in the face – and it was,” Trump said in a statement in March. “The fact is, he was weak, ineffective, and totally scared of being impeached, which the Democrats were constantly threatening to do. They ‘broke’ him.”

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