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The War in Ukraine

The level of public shaming and gaslighting of experts, academics and journalists in the media is so intense that there are virtually no western politicians courageous enough to publicly disagree with the warmongering and hype, not to mention the fact that right at the beginning of the war, all Russian media were banned in the west by the western champions of liberal democracy and free speech, lest the so-called wrong facts get transmitted to western citizens and mess up NATO's plans for a long, attritional war with Russia.

In this environment, PressTV has tried to conduct fair reporting by reporting the facts from both sides, some of which expose the lies and false narratives being propagated by western media in their zeal to be of service to western military and security organizations.

PressTV correspondent Johnny Miller reported the facts as he saw it- including crimes committed by the Neo-Nazi elements of the Ukrainian military as well reports that paint a somewhat different picture of the mood and morale among Ukrainian civilians than the rosy caricature often portrayed in western media.

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