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France's Macron ‘hesitant’, ’weary’ after 100 days in his second term

Ramin Mazaheri

Press TV, Paris

From the bottom to the very top in France, President Emmanuel Macron’s second term is already marked by pessimism amid troubles. Just 100 days after his re-election the once-vivacious president is being described as disinterested and doubtful. Ramin Mazaheri reports from Paris.

French President Emmanuel Macron has reached the 100-day mark of his second term, and the contrast with the bold newcomer of 2017 couldn’t be more different.

Macron is described as “distant”, “burnt out”, “weary” and “hesitant”, but the adjective he may like the least is “powerless”.

Two months into his new mandate Macron experienced his worst failure as a politician: his young political party failed to win a parliamentary majority.

A president used to ignoring the legislative branch so far hasn’t shown much political skill - or interest - in the tough work of cobbling together successful majorities to get his policies approved.

Many believe Macron may call for new elections as soon as this year, or rule even more often by executive decree - both options are sure to provoke major opposition in the new parliament and social unrest.

Polls show that - unlike most winners of presidential elections - Macron has not benefited from the usual “honeymoon” or “grace period”.

 Just like in 2017 Macron was mainly elected to block the far-right, but he’s no longer a political unknown without a track record.

 Instead, he’s a polarizing figure who has been tarnished worldwide by his authoritarian repression of the Yellow Vest protest movement, and who is perceived domestically as wanting very different things than the average person.

Economic stagnation is already upon the Eurozone, and depression could be next.

Political stagnation appears to have taken root in France, with perhaps even a depressed president.

One hundred days into Macron’s second term it’s a summer of silent discontent in France, with possibly explosive autumn unrest looming.




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