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Forum discusses North Korea's nukes, non-proliferation as US, South Korea prepare for military drills

Frank Smith

Press TV, Seoul

Leading analysts gathered in Seoul, South Korea - and remotely from the United States - to discuss North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, and the potential crisis should Pyongyang conduct a 7th nuclear test. Some admitted past strategies had failed, and argued that North Korea’s security concerns needed more attention and consideration.

North Korea suspended its nuclear and long-range missile testing following a 2018 summit between leader Kim Jong Un and former US President Donald Trump. Now, years later, the US-led sanctions Pyongyang had hoped to see removed, remain in place.

The discussion of North Korea's nuclear program comes as new South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol implements a more hard-line policy toward Pyongyang. President Yoon has called on the South's military to develop pre-emptive strike capabilities against the North as part of a so-called kill chain.

President Yoon has also moved to restart suspended large-scale joint military exercises with the US, a move that Pyongyang has previously viewed as provocative of war. The drills are scheduled to take place later this month. Meanwhile, many analysts believe such an approach will lead to greater tension.

Experts also suggested a failure to reduce risks may encourage both South Korea and Japan to develop nuclear weapons themselves.

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