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Overturned in 2010, secretly still in place, Islamophobic MCB ban

MCB meeting (March 2019)

Britain's ruling Conservative Party has yet again become tangled up in a new Islamophobia scandal showing that Number 10 Downing Street has placed a boycott on a major Muslim organisation.

The ban was originally resolved in 2010, yet has remained an ongoing obstacle for Muslim representation in British political circles.

Anger has surged amongst British Muslims after a right wing newspaper attacked conservative leadership contender, Penny Mordaunt, for “flouting” a so called government boycott of Britain's largest Muslim group, , the Muslim Council of Britain.

Following the articles released earlier this week Muslim activists as well as a Muslim Labour MP condemned the government over their admission of the ban.

This long held secret boycott of a mainstream Muslim group by number 10 was finally admitted on the front page of a tabloid press.

The record of this government is that the Prime Minister's comments led to a 375% increase in attacks on Muslim women.

Naz Shah, Labour MP

The boycott centers on the Muslim Council of Britain, which claims to be the United Kingdom's biggest umbrella organization of Muslim groups.

In 2009, the then Labour government indeed cut ties with the group over a row regarding comments criticizing Israeli Aggression on Palestine. Although the ban was reversed a year later, successive Tory governments have continued to enforce it without much explanation.

Observers believed the so called policy is less about combating extremism, and more about gagging legitimate Muslim voices.

Here we have an institution that represents very well, they are not extreme and you know, having a variety of individuals, educated and professional, and coming across to give their views for, you know, there are Muslims that do live in the United Kingdom; and here we have even that to be stopped, so it's really sad.

It's quite disappointing and I also would like to understand why that is actually happening. And once again, it's a target for Muslims yet they are showing not just by their voice, but now in action that they actually doing worse and calling out others for being in that way when they are doing it themselves.

Fahima Mahomed, TV Presenter & Public Speaker

Representatives from the Muslim Council of Britain have informed Press TV that they were not in a position where they could further comment on the story at this time.

However, in comments that were released earlier in the week, the council did admit that since the 2009 ban by the then Labour government, the Council and its representatives have met up with some elected members of different parties, including the conservatives.

Thus questions still surround this boycott and why it is still being enforced by the current government; questions may take some time to answer.


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