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Ukrainian nationalists put children on 'kill list' in Donbas

Johnny Miller

Press TV, Donbass

As war rages on in eastern Ukraine's Donbas region, Johnny Miller reports on a ‘kill list’ associated with the Ukrainian government promoting violence against pro-Russia children.

This is the notorious Ukrainian website Mirotvorets, meaning peacemaker. It publishes the names and addresses of those it deems to be “enemies of Ukraine.”

The opening page shows pictures of dead Russian soldiers.

On the list are domestic and foreign journalists, politicians and citizens that are believed to have aided or worked with pro-Russia forces in the country in some way. Now, surprisingly enough, children are being added to the list.

This is Faina Savenkova. She is 13 years old. And she has been writing about her experiences here in Donbas. After her name appeared on the list, she started to receive threats of physical violence online.

Numerous journalists and public figures have been murdered after being put on the list. Like Oleg Buzina who was shot near his home in Kiev.

And Andrea Rocchelli, an Italian journalist. After he was killed on the front line, the website posted the word “Liquidated” over his photo.

The Committee to protect journalists has previously written to the Ukrainian government asking them to, “condemn the unfounded and damaging allegations published on Myrotvorets, and to clarify publicly that the Ukrainian Interior Ministry is dedicated to protecting journalists.”

The United Nations and Human Rights Watch have also condemned the site.

This is Janus Putkonen, a Finnish journalist in donbas. He’s also on the list.

Meanwhile, western governments and media try to whitewash the issue of extremist, far-right or Neo-nazi elements in Ukraine and claim the whole thing is Russian propaganda.

However, when a website is promoted, used and supported by the government to openly encourage violence towards children, it is pretty obvious that Ukraine should be associated with state-sponsored extremism.

It’s an evil thing to openly encourage violence towards children. And this evil persists as NATO countries continue to provide Ukraine with money, weapons and political support, only to further fuel the turmoil.

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