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Final rituals of Hajj

Mahdi Abbasian
press TV, Mecca

After spending a night in Muzdalifah, a town between Mina and Arafat, and collecting 49 pebbles for the next day’s stoning of the devil ritual, Muslims marched in a great procession to the city of tents, Mina.

The stoning of the devil ritual includes stoning three pillars which symbolize the devil and the sins. On Eid al-Adha pilgrims headed to Jamarat Bridge, where they threw seven pebbles at one of the three pillars that symbolize the devil.

Then they returned to Mina, offering sacrifices. The animal is butchered and its meat is packed and shipped to other countries or is fed to the poor. After that, men shave their heads; this act symbolizes one’s detachment from physical appearances and completes subjection to God.

This is the final ritual of the Hajj pilgrimage and now pilgrims will either travel to the city of the Prophet, Medina, or return back to their home countries.

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