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Ukraine conflict is a US-Russia proxy war: Analyst

Ukrainian troop members stand on a tank on a road of the eastern Ukrainian region of Donbas on June 21, 2022. (Photo by AFP)

The Ukraine conflict is in reality a proxy war between the US-led NATO forces and Russia, according to an American international relations analyst.

The US is leading a NATO proxy war on Russia through Ukraine, said Andrew Korybko, a Moscow-based American political analyst. 

This was “very strongly implied by Secretary of Defense Austin in late April when he said the following according to CNN: ‘We want to see Russia weakened to the degree that it can’t do the kinds of things that it has done in invading Ukraine. So it has already lost a lot of military capability. And a lot of its troops, quite frankly. And we want to see them not have the capability to very quickly reproduce that capability.’”

“Russian Security Council chief Nikolai Patrushev also told Rossiyskaya Gazeta around the same time that: ‘The American and European military-industrial complex is exultant, because thanks to the crisis in Ukraine, it is flush with orders. It is not surprising that, unlike Russia, which is interested in the speedy completion of a special military operation and minimizing losses on all sides, the West is determined to fight even to the last Ukrainian,’” Korybko said in an interview with Press TV.

“With these official statements from top-level American and Russian military-security officials in mind, there’s no doubt that the Ukrainian Conflict is really a US-led NATO proxy war on Russia that’s being waged through that former Soviet Republic. The aim is exactly as Austin articulated, which is to weaken Russia’s military capabilities by proxy so as to hamstring its ability to defend the integrity of its national security red lines.”

 Korybko said that Americans are not in favor of war and are being pulled into the Ukraine conflict against their will.  “The average Americans’ interests are best served by investing the tens of billions of dollars of aid given to Ukraine into their own country instead, particularly its healthcare and infrastructure, but … a sizeable segment of the population (especially among Democrats) has been brainwashed into supporting the US-led NATO proxy war on Russia.”

“The Ukrainian Conflict also serves the interests of the military-industrial complex and those politicians who invested in it,” Korybko pointed out as an additional factor for US involvement in the Ukraine conflict.

The American analyst warned “about the risk of a major war with Russia by miscalculation, which would be mutually detrimental to all sides, including those on the American one who presently profit from perpetuating the proxy conflict with Russia through Ukraine.”

He said the way the conflict is being played out by US politicians presently posed a major risk to Americans.  “The challenge is in changing the trajectory of events, which is extremely difficult to do since elected officials and those who they represent have almost no influence over diplomatic or military matters.”

US ‘uniparty’

Korybko made reference to the deep state and military-industrial complex as the puppet masters of US foreign policy. “ Therein lies the ‘dark secret’ of American ‘democracy’, which is that crucial decisions about the country’s policies and especially those of global significance like the US-led NATO proxy war on Russia through Ukraine are beyond the control of elected officials and those who they represent. This speaks to how powerful the military-industrial complex and lobbying interests have become over the decades, which discredits America’s soft power abroad by exposing the limits of its self-proclaimed ‘democracy’.”

The American foreign policy commentator further noted that US policies in regard to the “Eurasian Great Power” Russia were out of control of elected politicians and both Republicans and Democrats acted as a “uniparty”. Ukraine “events are beyond the control of elected officials and those who they represent. To clarify, although the first-mentioned voted to approve tens of billions of dollars of aid to Ukraine, that was to be expected since both parties essentially function as a “uniparty” when it comes to anti-Russian policies.

Korybko said US foreign policy is clear to observers; however, the average American was unaware of the factors behind policies. “Average Americans, especially those who voted for Republicans under the false assumption that they’d at the very least entertain the party’s prior policy towards Russia under the former Trump Administration of trying not to further escalate tensions with that country ” do not know the truth behind US policy decision.

The analyst further criticized US politicians, Republicans in particular, for not even standing up to their own party values and deceiving their political base. “Most Republicans are truly ‘Republicans in Name Only” (RINOs) as their base’s critics have correctly described them over the years.”

“Republicans and Democrats are tacitly aligned on most major policy matters, especially foreign ones related to Russia and in particular the US-led NATO proxy war on Ukraine. Voters didn’t expect this since they supported Republicans due to the expectation that they wouldn’t align themselves with Democrats, yet that’s precisely what ultimately ended up happening and which further tore the mask off of American ‘democracy’ by exposing the truth about the ‘uniparty’,” Korybko concluded.

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