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The significance of Ihram in Hajj

Mahdi Abbasian
Press TV, Mecca

As hundreds of thousands of Muslims embark upon a pilgrimage to the Holy Kaaba in Mecca, they must enter a particular state of purification and sanctity, known as the Ihram. In Arabic, Ihram means prohibition and a state of holiness.

Ihram is an obligatory prerequisite to Hajj. Muslims stop at a designated station to perform the rituals associated with wearing Ihram. The stations of Miqat are the five prescribed places for Ihram, located at different directional corners from the Holy City of Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Pilgrims perform ablution and cleanse their bodies. Then they wear Ihram and make niyat, the intention of performing Hajj. Men are required to wear two pieces of white cloth that are unadorned and plain. Women are not required to conform to a specific dress code but have to dress modestly. It is crucial to ensure that the clothes are neat and tidy.

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