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Attempts underway to increase presence of US-sponsored Takfiri terrorists in Syria: Report

This file picture shows the US-backed so-called Maghawir al-Thawra terrorists training in the strategic al-Tanf region of southeastern Syria, near the borders of Iraq and Jordan. (Photo via Twitter)

Attempts are reportedly underway in order to expand the presence of Washington-allied Takfiri terrorists, who are currently stationed in southeastern Syria, and deploy them in areas where American occupation forces are located in northeastern Syria.

According to a report published by Lebanon’s Arabic-language al-Mayadeen television news network, the camps of the US-backed so-called Maghawir al-Thawra terrorists in the strategic al-Tanf region, near the borders of Iraq and Jordan, have witnessed heightened activities over the past days, and the extremists are participating in live-fire exercises in an area around the Tanf base, which is known as the 55 km area, under the supervision of the US-led military coalition purportedly formed to fight the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group.

The report added that the activities are ongoing amid reports that the US military is trying to increase the presence of Maghawir al-Thawra terrorists and other allied Takfiris, and dispatch them to areas in the northern and eastern parts of Syria which are under the control of the militants from the Kurdish-led and so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Al-Mayadeen went on to note that the chief commander of Maghawir al-Thawra terrorists visited Saudi Arabia about two weeks ago, and met with a number of officials there.

Groups of the militants have lately arrived in Syria’s northeastern province of Hasakah, and been deployed in the al-Zohour neighborhood of Hasakah city as well as a village in the southern flank of the province.

Al-Mayadeen added that the US-led coalition is seeking to expand the presence of Maghawir al-Thawra terrorists in the areas controlled by the SDF in an attempt to ensure that Syrian government forces would not wrest control over oil fields in Syria’s eastern province of Dayr al-Zawr if SDF forces had to withdraw in the face of any new Turkish offensive.

The report comes less than a week after Russia warned American occupation forces that it was going to conduct airstrikes against Maghawir al-Thawra terrorists in al-Tanf region after a roadside bomb targeted Russian military forces.

Two unnamed US defense officials were quoted as saying by CNN that the warning, which came earlier this month, prompted the US to quickly call on the militants to move their positions and to ensure that no American forces were in close proximity.

Last month, the foreign intelligence service of the Russian Federation (SVR RF) said US occupation forces deployed in Syria’s al-Tanf region were providing military support to Daesh terrorists and training them for field operations in Ukraine.

According to a report published by Russia’s Arabic-language RT Arabic television news network, approximately 500 Daesh terrorists and militants from the Caucasus and Central Asian countries were undergoing training at the camp to carry out acts of sabotage and terrorist attacks against units of the Russian armed forces, both inside Syria and in the east European country.

A number of captured Daesh terrorists have already confessed to close cooperation with US military forces stationed at al-Tanf base in the central Syrian province of Homs in carrying out various acts of terror and sabotage.

During confessions broadcast on Syria’s state-run television network in May 2020, several terrorists revealed that they were instructed by American forces to target Syrian government troops in and around the ancient city of Palmyra, the Tiyas Military Airbase – also known as the T-4 Airbase, the Shaer gas field as well as nearby oil wells.

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