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CENTCOM and Pentagon approved Israeli airstrikes in Syria

A picture taken on January 2, 2022 shows damage at the Al-Arshani water station, after it was reportedly hit by a Russian airstrike, in the village of the same name, northeast of the the rebel-held city of Idlib. (Photo by OMAR HAJ KADOUR / AFP)

The Wall Street Journal reveals that Israel secretly coordinates with the US on many of the airstrikes it carries out in Syria.and that, since 2017, Israel has carried out more than 400 airstrikes in Syria and other parts of the West Asia region.

It claims that Israeli attacks have been aimed at restricting Iran and its allied forces in Syria.

The vast majority of those Israeli airstrikes have been approved by the US Central Command, CENTCOM and the Pentagon.

The US aim is to ensure that Israel's bombing raids don't interfere with the US led military campaign in Syria.

 Many observers believed that the revelation by The Wall Street Journal was confirmation of an open secret policy.

I think first of all, whenever anyone says that the US is secretly doing this or that with Israel, it's almost naive to say that. Israel is, in essence, an agent of the United States and other people that think it works the other way around.

Israel is a Euro American white settler state that was imposed on Palestine, as people know. A Project beginning I guess perhaps you saved from the Balfour in the 20s forward to when the State of Israel "was created". And it's been a military base, basically, from which to secure the oil fields of the area of Iran. Iraq, all of Syria, everywhere.

The Israeli military, for all of its public relations efforts to the contrary, is an agent of the US military, with some nominal French and British input into that. Certainly financial input is not nominal. It's real.

But this is a creature of the Pentagon and Langley (CIA) that behaves in coordination with the policy that is implemented by the United States.

Don DeBar, Journalist

The timing of the revelation by the Wall Street Journal comes as the Israeli regime has increased its attacks against Syria. Last week, the regime heavily struck Damascus International Airport which is a still not completely up and running.

Syrian officials have said on many occasions that US troops in Syria are there to loot the country's resources. Former US President, Donald Trump, was not embarrassed to frankly say that he kept US troops in Syria for Syrian oil only.

We've kept the oil, we stayed back and kept the oil. Other people can patrol the border of Syria frankly...

Former US President, Donald J Trump

The fight against Daesh seems to have been a good pretext to maintain us illegal presence in Syria.

Syrian officials have also repeatedly called on the United Nations to stop Israel's strikes on the country. But those calls have almost always gone unnoticed behind a couple of verbal admonitions by UN officials.

This seems to have emboldened the regime in Tel Aviv to carry on its attacks with impunity.

After setting loose Daesh and Al Qaedeh and 47 other varieties of jihadi on Syria, the US government found itself facing a request from the Syrian government that had, by the way, been twice elected since 2011 by vast majorities of Syrians inside and outside the country. Israel is, you know, a US lap dog that has lots of advanced weapons, it's money laundry for money that goes,,,, funneled through the Pentagon and Langley.

Billions and billions of dollars of money taken from American taxpayers ends up in the hands of arms merchants, all kinds of people, through Israel and whatever and these things are used to inflict misery on the people of the Middle East. To the extent that there's any resistance between these people that wants to own the resources of that area and the actual ownership of it.

Don DeBar, Journalist

The confirmation of the US approval and coordination of Israeli attacks in Syria can definitely be seen as rather a public support for Israeli regime strikes in Syria, especially at a time when Israel has increased the intensity of its cross border attacks.

Such support would likely embolden the Israeli regime to carry out more attacks in Syria.


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