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EU's role in Ukraine slated by bloc's lawmakers

Jerome Hughes
Press TV, Brussels

The majority of the EU's 705 legislators do support the 27-nation bloc's handling of the Ukraine conflict but a growing minority are very unhappy.

On the issue of sanctions, the EU has been accused of double standards and hypocrisy. When dissenting voices in the European Parliament highlight Ukraine's history of corruption or the need for greater diplomatic efforts with Russia, they are often shut down.

Mainly due to the conflict, energy and food prices continue to soar in the EU, placing enormous financial hardship on citizens. Despite this it seems the focus remains fixed on weapons.

Some analysts blame NATO and the EU, directed by the United States, for provoking Russia into military action.

Any of the 27 leaders in the EU can veto key policies in the European Council. For example, Hungary has been blocking a total ban on Russian oil imports. Some lawmakers want the veto option to be scrapped.

Other lawmakers disagree. They say it would be yet another example of the EU moving away from being a peace project and towards a federalist superpower to benefit big business, including the arms industry. 

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