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An upsurge of Terrorism in Africa

According to the latest global terrorism index, there is an increase in terrorist attacks across sub-Saharan Africa amid concern that the region is now becoming the center of operations by armed groups affiliated to Daesh or ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorist groups.

Western countries such as France and the US have troops in Africa to ostensibly combat terrorists. However, due to an upsurge in terrorism, many in the continent are questioning the real reasons behind the presence of these foreign troops.

This week we are focusing an upsurge of terrorist attacks in Africa especially in the volatile Sahel region. We are asking; what are the factors behind increasing terrorist attacks in the continent and how are Western imperialist powers linked to this deteriorating situation?

In the second part of our program we shall discuss the situation in Mali as the country’s government pursues an independent policy. We are asking; is France, the former colonial power, undermining the government of Mali?

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