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President Yoon's embrace of America shames many South Koreans

Frank Smith
Press TV, Seoul

South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol promised to move the country closer to the United States, expanding trade and strengthening the military alliance.

When Yoon recently hosted a summit with US President Joe Biden, he went so far as to place his hand over his heart during the American National Anthem, drawing condemnation from many South Koreans, including activists critical of US-South Korea ties.

Koo San-ha and her group demonstrated against the US-South Korea alliance during Biden’s visit.

In contrast, outside the US embassy, one man demonstrator Han Gak-hee says he has received a lot of support over his two-year long vigil, in favor of strong US-South Korea ties.

South Korea’s anything but a free rider when it comes to its alliance relationship with the United States. Seoul pays about a billion dollars a year toward the cost of hosting 28,500 US troops here.

South Korea also spends billions of dollars on US weapons.

In the wake of North Korea’s recent missile tests, Yoon wants to see American strategic assets- nuclear capable bombers and ships- conduct military drills in South Korea.

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