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Raging war in Ukraine creating ethnic divide in the country

Johnny Miller
Press TV, Mariupol

As the battle for Mariupol in southern Ukraine ends, and the city comes back to life, Press TV's Johnny Miller reports on the increasing ethnic divide in the crisis-stricken country.

Much of Mariupol in southern Ukraine may lie in ruins but the city is already coming back to life after months of the war.

A market is open, selling all essential needs. And humanitarian aid is being distributed by organizations associated with the Russian government.

Down near the sea, amid the ruins, I came across a gathering who were waiting for humanitarian supplies.

Like many people I spoke to in areas recently taken over by Russia, I came across a woman who was scared to answer questions. She might have been more pro-Ukrainian, or perhaps worried that Russia might not be in control of Mariupol for long.

Down by Mariupol’s beach, I found the incongruous sight of fishermen, seemingly oblivious of the fact that war was still raging across the country. This man talked without a care in the world.

This is commonly heard among Russian speakers here that they have been marginalized and persecuted by the increasingly nationalist Ukrainian government.

This is the reason the east rose eight years ago and why many here welcome the Russians.

Unless Ukraine takes back Mariupol, it will now likely be populated predominantly by an ethnic Russian population. Whatever the fate of the city, it will never be the same again.

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